Tuesday, March 8, 2011

jubilation 58.....laughter club

Ansel and I play this game where he fills is stomach with an inordinate amount of raucous laughter and I have to squeeze them out of him.  By applying steady pressure to his abdomen,  these euphoric cackles are released and spread to anyone in our household and possibly a few households in the vicinity, relinquishing our ability to suppress a smile or laugh.  

Turns out we have been following similar rules of a certain world laughter club tour.

'The terms laughter club, laughter club program, and laughter session are used
throughout in a general way, referring to any number of therapeutic laughter activities, so it includes the social laughter club that meets in a neighborhood and is open to the public, the workplace laughter club for employees of a particular business, and the one-time public demonstration of the laughter club. It also includes the therapeutic laughter programs that might be conducted in controlled environments such as nursing homes, jails, schools, private retirement communities, or the like; and, too, laughter meditation or other laughter activities that one might do either alone or with a small group of friends.'

In playing this game, we have been increasing world peace as well as creating a sanctuary of sanity.

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