Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cat-----Ching Up

Having been on the road for 28 days straight,  our adventures are piled high in wait of the blog. These adventures, I will whole-heartily document when I have addressed all of the responsibilities I have neglected the past month.  But some things just can't wait.  I will cat to the chase at hand.  
Growing up, we always had a cat lurking around the house.  There was Dracina, who, through her evil antics and hissing, convinced us that she truly did suck blood in the darkness of night.  Then there was Reeces Pieces, who died a forgettable death and was, out of  curiosity of decomposition,  unshoveled days later, much to the revulsion of our nostrils.  Fast forward a few cats to the kitten who was tragically killed by a falling lamp and then to a sister cat, Acasia, who terrorized me on an unforgettable weekend alone, just weeks before my wedding day.  As much as my family mocks and chastises me for my account of the horrific events, the truth remains that this cat wanted me dead.  She first delivered a bleeding and injured bird to MY bedroom to foreshadow my impending fate.  I called Corey to come and rescue me from the chirping atrocity.  He will attest to the events thus far.  After he left, the catress then caused a rousing raucous outside the garage.  I went to see what was wrong....in nothing but my underwear......when the cat ran inside and shut the door, locking me out.  Furious and humiliated, I climbed in a back window and finally calmed down enough to fall asleep.  I don't know how long I was alseep, but I miraculously awoke to see a pair of scissors ever so gently hovering over my eyeballs, held by none other than the paws of my sister's Satanic cat.  
I vowed that night that I would never have a cat of my own and Corey has thus far, upheld me in my convictions.  

But I hadn't considered the heart-stopping implications of the scene below

While in Utah, a stray cat sniffed out the happy ghosts of many loved cats gone before, and found her way into my parent's back yard.  The welcoming arms of 25 grandkids helped seal the deal.  Savanna's arms outlasted all of them, and this is what I found late the night before we were to return to Spokane.  I emailed this photo to Corey, hoping that he would be stronger than I,  and promptly extinguish my moment of unresolve.  Instead, we both turned to mush and agreed to get a kitten.  

Last night, on an undisclosed family outing, we ventured to the PET aisle at SHOPKO.  It took a few confused moments for the kids to register what was taking place.

It finally registered into uncontrolled giggling

He is still very afraid and as yet, unnamed.  But he has a home and some kids(and one parent) who have a lot of love to give.  He can stay......as long as he doesn't try to kill me.