Wednesday, September 15, 2010

another memorable carpooling conversation

Sometimes I lament not living in walking distance of the school.  On occasions such as today,  I would not trade the driving time for the world.   

Ansel:   I love comet strips
Savanna:  What are comet strips?
Ansel:  You know, when action fingers are put into a story
Emmy (laughing) Action Fingers?
Ansel:  You guys don't know much about comet strips and action fingers.

Just minutes later.

Emmy: Guess what I am thinking about right now.
Savanna:  Tacos?
Emmy:  Yep
Savanna:  That is so weird.  I was thinking about tacos.
Emmy:  Yeah, I figured out that most people are thinking about tacos when someone asks them what they are thinking about.  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Swept Off My Feet

Thought I was dead?  

Merely swept off my feet
by Summer
Tell you about it later.
Just one more trip to squeeze between my toes.
Off to Seattle