Tuesday, December 11, 2007

After School Snow Cone Chillin with the Chillens

Actual Snowflake Photograph

I have observed that many people share elaborate and exotic recipes on their blogs. If you are looking for those here, you are sadly out of luck. I will only share recipes that contain 5 or less ingredients and take 5 or less minutes.


1. Scoops of Freshly Fallen Snow (Make the kids get it. They love it and you don't get cold. Plus they appreciate it more when they have labored with their own hands)
2. Jello Mix (any flavor, all flavors, whatever. Go crazy)
3. Eat quickly (if it does melt, don't worry. It is still tasty. Just slurp it up.)
4. Check out your neighbors tongue!

The chillen and I were conversing about the wonder that is snow. We have this children's book about W.A. Bentley, the man that first took photographs of individual flakes of snow. It is called "Snowflake Bentley" by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and I think it is a wonderful story of persistance, patience, and the easily overlooked tiny miracles all around us.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday With My Fellas

Have you ever serendipitously fallen into one of those pockets of time and space in which the earth stops spinning just for you? The boys and I found one of Mother Nature's stowpockets today. Doady had the day off and was as Giddy as a boy on Christmas morning when he awoke to find a fresh layer of snow had fallen in the night. We didn't waste anytime getting up to Mt. Spokane. Although there was only a few inches of accumulation, Doady made sure he had all his Avalanche gear(you never know). We didn't see a single soul and there were miniscule sparkles of snow literally floating in the air. Would it be too "Its a Wonderful Life" to say it was magical?

Following in Doady's Snowprints

Big Fella

Little Fella

Snowflake Analysis (Doady is Prepared)

Next, Doady goes for the shovel

An Andy Goldsworthy moment
Sully wants to give it a shot

Sunday, December 9, 2007


O.k. So I will alleviate the pressure of my first post being super spectacular by making sure that it is supremely below average with a ridiculously corny pun in my photo (Mr. Ferntastic was a boredom busting creation of Savanna on a recent hike). That way I can only improve, right? So here goes.... Welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy your time here. AAAAAAHHHHH. There. The burden is lifted. I feel much lighter and can just be myself from now on.