Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'll Stop The World and Melt With you

No electricity is a Good Thing

No Electricity is a VERY GOOD thing

Wondering whose back is hurting tonight?

Ansel goes down for the attack!

Ansel forms a well-crafted snowball. Who will be his victim?

Oh...he is just going to eat it. Surprised?

Savanna has been making some pretty impressive snow ducks...which are living in our freezer
Emmy... First one in the snow and last one out of the snow

Apre' Snow ...waiting for his hot chocolate

Apre' Snow...Dreaming about School Possibly Being Cancelled

So last night I had stumbled upon some coveted computer time and started working on my weekly blog. The children have ultra-perceptive sensors that can immediately detect when and where I am actually accomplishing something. I am assuming all children have these sensors, or do mine have some sort of Super Powers? Anyway, soon they were ever so endearingly tugging at my sleeves begging to go outside due to the fact that it had been snowing all day. Admittedly, I would much rather be outside than blogging. I relinquished my endeavors in Cyberspace, grabbed some adventure supplies, and delved into the real world. We walked, no we traipsed, no we frolicked to the nearby park where we threw, no we tossed, no we hurled snowballs at each other and a little less than successfully kindled a fire in the newly built enclosed fire pit(Hurrah for Eagle Projects!). My plan was to roast hot dogs and marshmallows intermingled with occasional snowflake palate cleansing. Unfortunately, 20 years I ago, I was denied acceptance in the Boy Scout Program (something about me being a girl) and therefore never learned to fully BE PREPARED. I did graduate from the Girl Scout Program where our motto was "Just Wing It". Am I still a little bitter? Alas, even though we came home reeking of smoke and still hungry, the evening was indeed magical. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs on the stove at 10:30 pm. Yummy and Nutritious.

SUNDAY/TODAY. We awoke to another 6 inches of fallen snow, no electricity, and cancelled church. In fact, the whole town was pretty much cancelled. I acknowledge that I have been blogging excessively about snow. To those of you who are tired of my snow posts, I apologize. BUT THIS WAS A LOT OF SNOW!!
Just wanted to give you a little snippet of our day.
POST POST; Priceless Moment I didn't catch on camera......Corey rolling down the hill at the park. I've never seen him roll down a hill before. I know that you are picturing it in your minds and chuckling.
POST POST POST; School has officially been cancelled

Friday, January 18, 2008

Week of Yin-Yang

Judd Yin-Yang: Equilibrium in the systemic universe consisting of the Judd family Members
Let me explain: I have always been a bit clumsy. I suffer from the more politically correct term of physical dyslexia. Many times I function just fine and dandy in society. But there are numerous occasions when the signal between my brain and my body is just a touch scrambled. Those of you who know me well will need no other explanation. I have always been aware of this disorder. It caused me great embarrassment and frustration in adolescence and in motherhood, I am close to mastering the art of self-directed laughter. This week happened to be just one of the disconnected brain/body weeks. However, this time I had a moment of enlightenment. A vision of great epiphonic proportion which has resulted in me finding meaning and fulfillment in my gracelessness. This inspiration was born while walking up a down escalator in a desperate attempt to get some exercise this week due to the layer of treacherous ice on all the sidewalks and roads. Remember that beautiful snow we received last week? Well, first it melted. And then it froze. I know this activity is frowned upon in most social and political circles. However, I assure you, that it was far safer to be walking up the down escalator than it was to be walking down the street. And I haven't been able to commit to a gym just yet. I have gym-committal issues. But that is a different story. Anyway, the theoretic thought was this: For every awkward and inept thing I did, the rest of the family excelled in this area. I was failing so that they could succeed! The Yin and Yang of our household. Isn't it beautiful? Let me give you some examples.

YIN:Corey and I went night-skiing last Friday night. This is when my episode of physical dyslexia kicked in. I couldn't seem to approach the chairlift correctly. One time I let the bar hit me in the back. Another time my skiis got tucked underneath, causing some knee pain and future awkwardness with the liftee. I think I heard him mutter "Uh oh, here she comes" when I approached the chairs.

YANG: Savanna and Ansel made tremendous strides in their skiing ability this week. Savanna took another lesson and was proclaimed the best in her class. Ansel spent an entire day with Corey skiing and actually skied, rather than just lick the snow.

YIN: I cut, not one, but two of my fingers, on separate occasions, severely enough to require extended pressure, bulky bandages, and a generous amount of cooking anxiety.

YANG: Savanna and Emmy both mastered the HEART AND SOUL duet on the piano and have provided us with hours of enterchainment. (No I didn't misspell that). Seriously, they are progressing beautifully.

YIN: I failed in my responsibility as a mother to catch my falling child, who was less than an arms length away, resulting in his first concussion.

YANG: Corey, in his week off of work, has excelled in his Wii game of Mario-Cart Galaxy. I can't even tell you how many planets he has conquered. He is getting so much closer to saving Princess Penelope. It has left me competely and utterly awe-struck.

The Fruits of our Yin-Yang Universe: A large dining table where the children have plenty of places to sit, but still choose to sit smooshed up close together. Now that is love at home.

Some day I believe my family will thank me for my clumsiness.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is This Where God Lives?

These are wind-coaxed tears from being pulled in the sled. Ansel has been more than a satisfied passenger. I would even go as far as to proclaim them tears of joy.
This sled, now named "Husky" because we assign all of our vehicles names, has been our main mode of transportation this the post office, to the store for an emergency jello restocking venture(see sno-cone post), and to the park for general wanderings. Although there have many envious looks from people driving by at glacial speeds(yes, I do think that we were moving faster than many of them), the only passengers in this S.U.S. (Sports Utility Sled) have been Ansel, his stuffed puppy, and a hitchhiking cat(seriously). Oh, and we did actually go recreational sledding on Monday night as a family. Ansel: "Is this where God lives?"
Me: "This really does look like a place that God would want to be!"
Ansel: "Shhh, mom, you have to be quiet"
It has been a very snowy week. I know that in a few days this sight of snow will lose its charm. It will become sooty, icy, rutted. and will most likely cease to leave me staring blissfully at the sudden capture of our little piece of the planet into a scene in a snow globe.
I think that the serenity of this week is due largely to its juxtaposition in my life. The entire month of December was a whirlwind of shopping, traveling, visiting, eating, wrapping, more traveling, etc(you know the drill). And the noise! And the noise, noise, noise, noise! So after I tucked all of the Christmas decorations away, unpacked our suitcases from our trip to Seattle, and ate the last of the chocolate truffles, I was ready for a holiday hiatus.
And then came the Snow.
On its way down, snow seems make the smallest whisper of a sound
The sound of a more profound silence.
The silence of the Snow
Snow Solace

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Beary Close Call

Name: Glitter
Species: Bear
Genus: Build-a

Pre-Surgical Procedure

Post-Op Recovery

Case Report (One of the Many Perks of living with a Doctor...A warped sense of humor)

Clinical Presentation: A one month old, baby blue teddy bear, Glitter, was sitting on the dining room table, observing its guardian fashioning a snowflake necklace (see picture #1) with modeling clay. Scented candles were lit and on the table to cover the smell of over-baked clay. The younger sister of the bear’s guardian suddenly exclaimed, “Savanna, your bear is on fire!” Following a short scuffle, which lasted approximately 5 seconds, the flames were extinguished. The patient was quickly taken to the guardian’s maternal parent where, following an appropriate tearful explanation, an assessment was made.

Physical Exam:
Baby blue teddy bear in no apparent distress. Afebrile, normal vitals.
Height: 39 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg
HEENT: full thickness burn in right occipital region with some inner “fluff” exposed. The area measures . The remainder of the fur is intact.
Heart: regular.
Lungs: clear.
Abdomen: soft, non tender.
MSK: normal strength, normal ROM
Neuro: intact.

Assessment: One month old teddy bear with severe burn to right occipital region with exposed fluff.

Plan: Craniotomy and reduction cerebroplasty.

Procedure: The teddy was taken to the sewing room and after induction of anesthesia, the right occipital region was prepped in the usual sterile fasion. Tailor-grade shears were used to debride the burned area, exposing normal, healthy and furry tissue. Care was taken to preserve any exposed fluff within the cranial defect and any spilled fluff was cauterized or placed carefully back into the cranial vault. The margins of the wound were then approximated using two layers of 3-0 vicryl sutures. The wound was then bandaged carefully and the patient was awakened. The patient was then taken to the recovery area in guardian’s bedroom in stable condition.

The patient is to follow up in approximately 2 weeks to ensure that the stitches remain intact and is to stay well away from any open flames.

***Dr. Corey Judd, MD was largely responsible for the vernacular of this case report

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Singing "Auld Lang Syne" Seattle Style

On New Year's Eve, we spent the evening playing games with some Auld Acquaintances we didn't forget (friends from St. Louis). At 11:50 pm we bundled up the kids and ran four blocks to view of the Fireworks cascading down the Space Needle. It was well worth the run.
Ansel had his first private skiing lesson at Snoqualmie Pass. Unfortunately the amicable ski instructor named KUP couldn't get Ansel to stop eating the snow. I think Ansel just couldn't take a guy named KUP with a pierced tongue seriously. The best news is that Savanna took a lesson as well and actually liked it. There is still hope for our family to ski together.
The pass recieved over 15 feet of snow in the month of December. Fun to play in. Not fun to drive in. I am still experiencing some Post Traumatic Driving symptoms.
After our day of non-stop snow falling skiing, we couldn't get out of the parking lot. Corey whipped out the chains....again.
To have the most informative restroom experience of your life, you must visit the Restrooms in Building 4 of the Pacific Science Museum. For those of you who would like the more explicit bodily function photographs, I will be happy to email them separately. We had an enjoyable time in the bathroom and in the rest of the museum as well.
The Seattle R.E.I is a Recreational Experience for those shopping for recreational equipment. Ansel has somehow mastered the hubris needed for his future kayaking adventures. (did you have anything to do with this, Uncle Carson?) The monolithic climbing pinnacle, waterfall and giant tree house are also among the in-store landmarks. Savanna could have spent the entire week in the hotel swimming pool. She was the first one in and the last one out every day. She even asked me if I could wake her up at 6:30 am on New Years Day so that she could swim one final time before checking out. I told her that I would be happy to wake her....if I happened to be awake at that hour. Sorry Savanna.
A visit to Pike's Market makes our trip complete. Some people go there to buy fish, fruits and vegetables. We go there to look at the people wearing dead animals on their head and live animals around their neck.

Emmy once told me that her greatest wish is to live in a world where everything is soft and squishy. The Seattle Aquarium gave her a taste of this wish come true.