Friday, January 18, 2008

Week of Yin-Yang

Judd Yin-Yang: Equilibrium in the systemic universe consisting of the Judd family Members
Let me explain: I have always been a bit clumsy. I suffer from the more politically correct term of physical dyslexia. Many times I function just fine and dandy in society. But there are numerous occasions when the signal between my brain and my body is just a touch scrambled. Those of you who know me well will need no other explanation. I have always been aware of this disorder. It caused me great embarrassment and frustration in adolescence and in motherhood, I am close to mastering the art of self-directed laughter. This week happened to be just one of the disconnected brain/body weeks. However, this time I had a moment of enlightenment. A vision of great epiphonic proportion which has resulted in me finding meaning and fulfillment in my gracelessness. This inspiration was born while walking up a down escalator in a desperate attempt to get some exercise this week due to the layer of treacherous ice on all the sidewalks and roads. Remember that beautiful snow we received last week? Well, first it melted. And then it froze. I know this activity is frowned upon in most social and political circles. However, I assure you, that it was far safer to be walking up the down escalator than it was to be walking down the street. And I haven't been able to commit to a gym just yet. I have gym-committal issues. But that is a different story. Anyway, the theoretic thought was this: For every awkward and inept thing I did, the rest of the family excelled in this area. I was failing so that they could succeed! The Yin and Yang of our household. Isn't it beautiful? Let me give you some examples.

YIN:Corey and I went night-skiing last Friday night. This is when my episode of physical dyslexia kicked in. I couldn't seem to approach the chairlift correctly. One time I let the bar hit me in the back. Another time my skiis got tucked underneath, causing some knee pain and future awkwardness with the liftee. I think I heard him mutter "Uh oh, here she comes" when I approached the chairs.

YANG: Savanna and Ansel made tremendous strides in their skiing ability this week. Savanna took another lesson and was proclaimed the best in her class. Ansel spent an entire day with Corey skiing and actually skied, rather than just lick the snow.

YIN: I cut, not one, but two of my fingers, on separate occasions, severely enough to require extended pressure, bulky bandages, and a generous amount of cooking anxiety.

YANG: Savanna and Emmy both mastered the HEART AND SOUL duet on the piano and have provided us with hours of enterchainment. (No I didn't misspell that). Seriously, they are progressing beautifully.

YIN: I failed in my responsibility as a mother to catch my falling child, who was less than an arms length away, resulting in his first concussion.

YANG: Corey, in his week off of work, has excelled in his Wii game of Mario-Cart Galaxy. I can't even tell you how many planets he has conquered. He is getting so much closer to saving Princess Penelope. It has left me competely and utterly awe-struck.

The Fruits of our Yin-Yang Universe: A large dining table where the children have plenty of places to sit, but still choose to sit smooshed up close together. Now that is love at home.

Some day I believe my family will thank me for my clumsiness.


VoftheM said...

I have been informed that it is Super Mario Galaxy and it is Princess Peach, not Princess Penelope. I apologize for the errors.

Sijbrich said...

Wow, we must be kindred spirits. At any given time I am sure to have a number of bruises on my shins - in fact I have a beautiful deep purple one right now and I don't even remember how I got it. However, my physical dyslexia is so severe that downhill skiing is not even a consideration for me, so consider yourself lucky that you can at least do that. I was even tripping over my snowshoes this last weekend. Doorways are also a big danger zone and sometimes I just stumble out of nowhere even though there is nothing to cause me to lose my balance.:-)

lucy said...

If it makes you feel any better, we went for a walk this weekend and I fell off the side of the road. It was only about an inch lower than the road, but I ended up with a skinned knee and hand. Thankfully, Mr. Heylucy didn't laugh at me, just helped me up and brushed me off.

Then there was the time I walked right into a fire hydrant. That left a big black bruise and a dent in my leg.

Joal said...

It's exciting getting new knives, eh? I've never cut myself so often as during the few months after we purchased new knives. Nice thing is, though, the cuts are so perfect, they heal rather quickly.

Erin said...

Did your cooking cuts happen to come from some oh so sharp Cutco knives? If so I have similar scars...

CJ3 said...

those knives are out for blood, I think me, erin, marne and roger all have similar wounds.