Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is This Where God Lives?

These are wind-coaxed tears from being pulled in the sled. Ansel has been more than a satisfied passenger. I would even go as far as to proclaim them tears of joy.
This sled, now named "Husky" because we assign all of our vehicles names, has been our main mode of transportation this the post office, to the store for an emergency jello restocking venture(see sno-cone post), and to the park for general wanderings. Although there have many envious looks from people driving by at glacial speeds(yes, I do think that we were moving faster than many of them), the only passengers in this S.U.S. (Sports Utility Sled) have been Ansel, his stuffed puppy, and a hitchhiking cat(seriously). Oh, and we did actually go recreational sledding on Monday night as a family. Ansel: "Is this where God lives?"
Me: "This really does look like a place that God would want to be!"
Ansel: "Shhh, mom, you have to be quiet"
It has been a very snowy week. I know that in a few days this sight of snow will lose its charm. It will become sooty, icy, rutted. and will most likely cease to leave me staring blissfully at the sudden capture of our little piece of the planet into a scene in a snow globe.
I think that the serenity of this week is due largely to its juxtaposition in my life. The entire month of December was a whirlwind of shopping, traveling, visiting, eating, wrapping, more traveling, etc(you know the drill). And the noise! And the noise, noise, noise, noise! So after I tucked all of the Christmas decorations away, unpacked our suitcases from our trip to Seattle, and ate the last of the chocolate truffles, I was ready for a holiday hiatus.
And then came the Snow.
On its way down, snow seems make the smallest whisper of a sound
The sound of a more profound silence.
The silence of the Snow
Snow Solace


Carrith said...

It looks like you left everyone speechless with this one. Was it hard to tell ansel that he was wrong about where god lives? He must have felt pretty dumb when he realized how far off he was. Good thing he has a mom who is so honest she would sooner shatter her childrens' dreams than tell a lie. They will all thank you for it someday. (Ha ha?)

Joal said...

A nice description here, V. I like your God/snow/hushed stillness/peace progression. Pleasant.

Erin said...

Thank you for the glimpse of heaven...

CJ3 said...

In that case, I'm pretty sure God has a house in rexburg too. quite the real estate tycoon.