Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'll Stop The World and Melt With you

No electricity is a Good Thing

No Electricity is a VERY GOOD thing

Wondering whose back is hurting tonight?

Ansel goes down for the attack!

Ansel forms a well-crafted snowball. Who will be his victim?

Oh...he is just going to eat it. Surprised?

Savanna has been making some pretty impressive snow ducks...which are living in our freezer
Emmy... First one in the snow and last one out of the snow

Apre' Snow ...waiting for his hot chocolate

Apre' Snow...Dreaming about School Possibly Being Cancelled

So last night I had stumbled upon some coveted computer time and started working on my weekly blog. The children have ultra-perceptive sensors that can immediately detect when and where I am actually accomplishing something. I am assuming all children have these sensors, or do mine have some sort of Super Powers? Anyway, soon they were ever so endearingly tugging at my sleeves begging to go outside due to the fact that it had been snowing all day. Admittedly, I would much rather be outside than blogging. I relinquished my endeavors in Cyberspace, grabbed some adventure supplies, and delved into the real world. We walked, no we traipsed, no we frolicked to the nearby park where we threw, no we tossed, no we hurled snowballs at each other and a little less than successfully kindled a fire in the newly built enclosed fire pit(Hurrah for Eagle Projects!). My plan was to roast hot dogs and marshmallows intermingled with occasional snowflake palate cleansing. Unfortunately, 20 years I ago, I was denied acceptance in the Boy Scout Program (something about me being a girl) and therefore never learned to fully BE PREPARED. I did graduate from the Girl Scout Program where our motto was "Just Wing It". Am I still a little bitter? Alas, even though we came home reeking of smoke and still hungry, the evening was indeed magical. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs on the stove at 10:30 pm. Yummy and Nutritious.

SUNDAY/TODAY. We awoke to another 6 inches of fallen snow, no electricity, and cancelled church. In fact, the whole town was pretty much cancelled. I acknowledge that I have been blogging excessively about snow. To those of you who are tired of my snow posts, I apologize. BUT THIS WAS A LOT OF SNOW!!
Just wanted to give you a little snippet of our day.
POST POST; Priceless Moment I didn't catch on camera......Corey rolling down the hill at the park. I've never seen him roll down a hill before. I know that you are picturing it in your minds and chuckling.
POST POST POST; School has officially been cancelled


Joal said...

Was Corey rolling on his side, doing multiple somersaults, or cartwheeling down the hill. I think a perpetual Corey cartwheel would look the coolest, but his hands would probably get cold after a while.

Sijbrich said...

Yeah, all I remember from Girl Scouts is doing frilly stuff like drawing pictures while listening to different kinds of music. And selling cookies and calendars. I hated selling calendars. Who wants a cheesy calendar with a bunch of pictures of Girl Scouts? Nobody, that's who.
Corey rolling down a hill would be quite entertaining. Maybe he would be willing to do it again just so you could document it.:-)

emptynest said...

This worries me!! Do you think the snow.....well, some of it will melt before Friday? I'm bringing my thermals for sure!! May wear both pairs at once.

VoftheM said...

Empty Nest...We are supposed to get another foot by Friday. Do you have 3 pairs of thermals.

dean said...

I love the portraits--you capture their personalities so nicely.

CJ3 said...

I've seen him roll down a hill in his day. Oak Brook Park 1983ish. I think he still had the eye patch in. would like to know more about snow ducks, I'll have t go straight to the source.