Friday, April 18, 2008

My Kryptonic Birthday

I am making no attempt to be cryptic about the fact that I was once a half -blown science nerd. I have obviously since managed to rid myself of most of the incriminating cerebral evidence. I once had the periodic table memorized in song form and would hum it in my head in my spare time. If you think I am kidding, then my attempts at fooling you all into believing that I am a normal human being is working nicely. I became 36 at 2:27pm last Friday. 36 is a square and triangular number. Krypton is the 36th element on the periodic table. It is one of the noble INERT GASES which are located on the far right column of the P.T. This family has the "happiest" elements of all. WHY ARE THEY HAPPY? According to the Bohr description of electron shells, happy atoms have full shells. All of the inert gases have full outer shells with eight electrons. The fact that their outer shells are full means they are quite happy as they are, not reacting with the other elements. The question is, does it make me more or less of a geek that I will now metaphorize my life with an inert gas? Now that I have arrived at my kryptonic age, I am going to daily identify 8 "electrons" in my life that leave me feeling abundantly full of happiness. I know that I must insert some photos before I lose those of you who can't follow thoughts without illustrations (myself included).


I am a PYRO and Fire brings me joy (just ask my camp counselors)

Corey bought me a cake, not because I like cake, but because, in his words "the cake is just a vehicle for your candles." I think he is just monitoring my fire addiction in a safe environment.



WATCHING ANSEL TRAIPSE MERRILY DOWN A TRAIL (We went to Coeur d'lane today and hiked on one of my favorite trails by the lake. It was a gorgeous day.)


Watching the boys in my life run and play next to a large body of water

Corey took the day off and even offered to take me thrift shopping after our hike. This was no small sacrifice on his part. I didn't need a 9th happy electron, so I turned him down.


ROCKS. I even love rocks more than fire


A birthday rock chosen just for me



EMMY'S ever-evolving smile (her teeth are growing on a daily basis)


SAVANNA "posing" 99% of the time we attempt a photo

I guess what I am trying to say is that, like krypton, I believe I have come to a NOBLE and inert place in my life where I feel full and happy. My joy is not precluded by a "when or if only" but is a daily arrival of sorts
So when I broke my tooth during my birthday dinner, did I let that "grumpy" electron tamper with the stability of my krypronic day? A little. But not very much.


Carrith said...

Dad will be so proud!

Sijbrich said...

you had me fooled. I had no idea you were such a science nerd. So didn't you major in social work? Why not chemistry?
Happy Birthday. Looks like it was a fantabulous day.

EJ said...

I think your happy electrons rubbed off on to me. :)

Lucy said...

Wow, it's been awhile since I've thought about electrons. I remember taking chemistry in college and thinking, "Life really comes down to electrons and what their doing." It's still true, although I never think that small now. Thanks for the science reminder. You are smart! Sometimes, I wonder if I really went to college for five years, for all I remember:)

That being said, I'm so happy your eight shells are filled and buzzing happily around your positive nucleus. I love all your pictures and seeing your lovely family. Happy, happy birthday!

Elisa said...

Happy Birthday Vanessa!!! I've been meaning to leave a comment and tell you how much I enjoy your blog and photography skills but I've been too lazy to create an account. Hope you had a wonderful day! Elisa (Taylor)

Joal said...

I like your formula


and the short-hand version (A=C=F=H). You've kind of created a couple of syllogisms here. Not only are a closet chemist, you are also a delver into the mysterious waters of logic.

Happy birthday (lately wished).

John Deere said...

Sounds like you had a happy "electronic" birthday.

Dean said...

Brilliant post, fellow nerdionian! Welcome to the elite club of people that suffer from a DSM IV diagnosable condition and are fully aware of that fact. Sorry. ;-)