Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We were treated to a warm and pleasantly breezy day. Elizabeth and Joal were able to come up from Hicksville to join us in the festivities.
Our first stop was the Fort Wright Military Cemetery
a little too close
Is it wrong to laugh at your 4 year old struggling to get a drink? Honestly, he wanted to do it all by himself.
Corey showing off his Mt. Bike skills (I didn't capture his was off the hook fabulous)
Corey and Joal were able to Mt Bike in the state park and Elizabeth and I were able to jog later on.
The Spokane River is above flood levels this year. I also couldn't capture the off the hook fabulous raw water power being produced by this river. Ansel and Sonora thought the bridge was moving with the River.

The best part for the kids was, of course, the fire.
We didn't bring marshmallows or hot dogs. No worries.
We enjoyed some surprisingly tasty roasted lime tortilla chips.
We also didn't bring any firewood. It was a spontaneous occasion
Obviously the pine needles and scavenged boards worked just fine

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Sijbrich said...

Those pictures of Ansel trying to get a drink are priceless. So cute.