Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Doady

Corey was born on Tuesday, October 17, 1972 at 7:42pm. He weighed 8lb 13oz and was 23.5 inches long.

I don't know too much about Corey's temperament as a baby, but I do know that he was constantly hungry. My speculation is that, judging from his height and IQ, his cells were producing and synapsing at an accelerated rate and needed the extra fuel.



Corey's family, who I hope will not kill me for posting this picture, was a huge influence in Corey's life. This is personally one of the photos that just makes me happy.
1st grade

2nd grade
5th grade

One of the highlights of Corey's childhood came when he was chosen to be a torch runner for the 1984 summer Olympics. We have a box fun of newspaper clippings, stuffed animals, his clothing, and the actual torch; but the gem of all this memorabilia is the whole event captured on VHS. A small museum of sorts may be lurking in our future. I believe that the attention showered upon him during this time may have cracked a bit of his shy shell. He still doesn't like the limelight, but can at least function normally in society.

1984 Olympics

7th grade
8th grade
I found a plethora of these goodies while I was snooping. Corey loved to draw little people falling to their deaths.
The Pac-Man Digestive System Maze. I couldn't pass this one up.

It is uncertain how old Corey was when he completed this paintings. I am impressed, regardless of his age.

I'm guessing 10th grade (Not your best year, Corey. If it's any consolation, my 10th grade photo is big bangs, permed hair bad.)

Corey has had a variety of jobs, ranging from newspaper route, gas station attendant, janitor, self-employed window washer, art gallery assistant, and elderly care-giver. The only inkling I've been given that he has ever slacked on the job is when he was too chicken to collect newspaper $$ from one house because a girl from his class resided therein. Other than that, he has always been a stellar employee.

12th grade

Corey earned his eagle scout award and our family has repeatedly reaped the benefits of his many survival skills (except for the time we couldn't start a fire on our secluded Santa Cruz island trip....but that was completely my fault, right Corey?) I am still waiting for him to make me a lanyard key chain, however.

A hard-earned 4 year full scholarship to BYU

Corey served as a missionary for 2 yrs in the Washington D.C. mission.

5 years undergraduate double major (Art and Chemistry) from BYU. He had several Art shows his last year and was a speaker at his graduation.

Saint Louis University.....4 years of medical school. These years included the birth of 2 daughters, a weekend job, one mugging, one robbery, and multiple smashed windows. It was a long 4 years.

SACRED HEART MEDICAL CENTER.....Transitional and Residency.....5 years

One year as Chief Resident and One year as a Musculoskeletal Radiology Resident in Portland Oregon.

So, I could go on and on and tell you how Corey has landed a great job, recently built his own bike, can blah blah blah. His achievements can be a bit intimidating and sometimes annoying to us underachievers. He has done some great things, and am sure will do many great things in the years to come(like build me a kayak). All I really care about is that he is a great husband and father......ok, and the kayak.


****Disclaimer.....dates may be incorrect and vital information missing. Feel free to correct me.


Anonymous said...

Great Summary of his life so far!! I am glad he is exceling in the two most important areas of his and his family!!

Lucy said...

Very fun to witness the evolution of Corey. I hope he had a great birthday!

marne said...

That is one of my favorite family pictures ever. Everyone looks equally bad, although I don't remember ever having better feathered hair than on that very day.

I think I'm going to have to steal it and post it on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this post made my day. Honestly, I think I'm the best looking one in that family pic.;-) Corey at Second Grade is awesome. I've never seen that one. And do you guys have the big poster from his Olympic torch relay? That will be a major exhibit piece for the museum.

Oh yeah - Happy Belated Birthday Corey.

CJ3 said...

happy birthday old man. I remember some of those paintings. There's one that may have been overlooked, a certain portrait of our dog Oscar, it was amazing, you gotta believe me.

emptynest said...

I can't believe how much Sal looks like Corey's toddler picture! Are there going to be two equally good looking men in this family?

Joal said...

I really like the "scholar" senior picture. Very groovy.

Kaerlig said...

I am definitely below average. It took me 3 minutes to get through the pacman digestive system.

Dean said...

The second grade shot is rad. I had forgotten that he successfully pulled off the used car salesman look so effectively.