Sunday, June 14, 2009

Piece, Love, and Tie-Dye

 Ansel graduated from pre-school on Friday.  He had a graduation party.  We all had a PIECE of cake.  All year he has complained about going to school.  Saturday, for the first time ever, he complained about NOT having school.  PEACE OUT ANSEL!

We love that our garage frogs are back.  This year we we have gained a garage chipmunk who likes to hide in our shoes.  Corey's shoes are the best because they are like chipmunk mansions.  (Sorry Corey....still can't resist the big feet jokes).  So far the frogs and the chipmunk seem to have an understanding and are coexisting quite peacefully.

We had a family Tie-Dye activity this week to kick off the summer (minus Corey).  I think I got more dye on my fingers than on the shirts (Note to self:  Sometimes when instructions say, 'WEAR GLOVES," it is for a good reason.)   At least my fingernails match my shirt.  Next time we will do better and get more dye in the folds.  But I still can't figure out why Corey didn't want one.  We could have been such a cute family.  


melissa said...

Hey Vanessa,
You guys look so cute! You don't look like you could be the mother of such tall kids. (I mean be that, that you look about their age) I dyed a dress the other day and discovered the same thing about gloves. Usually directions mean little to me. Should have listened. Have a great day!

lazyeye said...

I don't remember anyone asking me if I wanted a tie dyed shirt.

Sijbrich said...

Oh, I see a formal family portrait in the making if you could just get Corey to make and wear one.;-) You're such a fun mom. I don't know any other moms that tie-dye with their kids.