Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Old Man who almost took out his Kindergarten Class with his cane

Every year before winter break, the kindergarten classes at Wilson Elementary perform their personalized renditions of The Gingerbread Boy or Girl. Each class member is able to dress up as his or her favorite animal, mineral, or superhero, and one by one, join the chain of gingerbread chasers, running laps around the audience. If you are the old man or woman, you must do all 22-25 laps, depending upon the size of the class. If you are the fox, you only get to do one lap, but reap the reward of cleverly devouring the gingerperson.

7 years ago, Savanna was chosen to be the old woman who cooked up the Gingerbread Boy. 5 years ago, Emmy was a lamb who unsuccessfully chased the Gingerbread Boy 'on the lam' in circles around the gymnasium. This year, Ansel was the old man, the intended recipient of the delicious gingerbread girl lovingly baked by his wife.

Since Ansel was one of the first to start the laps, he had 22 laps to run. I could tell during the first lap that his cane was going to be a problem. Of course, he couldn't run with it dragging on the ground. Of course, he had to thrust it out in front of him swinging it in a sword like gladiator fashion, threatening the lives of his classmates, their families, and a multitude of cameras. I didn't manage to catch any photos of this looming disaster due to the fact that I was covering my eyes, praying for everyone to be spared the carnage of the cane. Luckily, his costume was so fantastic that I don't think anyone knew who he was. And when your child is running with a cane outstretched before him in a large crowd of people, it is a nice bonus when he is dressed in a disguise that renders him unrecognizable in a lineup. After the 15th lap, I did make the decision to confiscate the cane. Everyone made it home unscathed.....except the gingerbread girl, who was not bludgeoned by my son, but eaten by the fox.

this was after I confiscated his cane. The looks of terror and horror on the faces have turned to smiles of relief
Ansel patiently waiting to come onstage. He looks so innocent.

And yes, I am about three weeks behind in my blogging


Anonymous said...

Always happy to see your stories. Ansel, you ROCK!!

Joal said...

That is a great costume.

Sijbrich said...

That's the cutest old man I've ever seen.