Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Broke on Spring Break

My youngest sister, Camille, got married on March 25th. She is the only sibling whose entire day of birth can be replayed in my memory in detailed movie format and not just montages of moments.  And this would be a movie that people may pay redbox money to see.  Being that there is still a possibility that I will be a filmmaker when I grow up and June 16th, 1984 will be the title of one the real life events that I bring to the big screen, I won't ruin the entire plot of the movie.  But the trailer would include a mother of 9.9 going into labor at a city parade,  a son running away from home at the announcement of sister #8, and an ambulance being called to our house (completely unrelated to the brother or the mother).   Needless to say, Camille was not born into the most serene of circumstances.  I have imagined the Angel of Birth giving Camille a glimpse of the chaos in which she would be engulfed by coming into being at the tail end of the Porter Decathon, urging her to possibly reconsider her placement. I then imagine Camille chuckling in the face of the concerned Angel and calmly pronouncing, "Bring it on."   

It would, to most humans, be disheartening verging on devastating when his or her wedding day is met with gusting winds, hail, rain, snow, power outages at the reception, a few people stuck in an elevator, a dog licking the wedding cake, etc. etc.  I don't want to spoil another one of my movies, MARCH 25th 2010,  and will thus refrain from further detail.  The point is, Camille was not married in the most serene of circumstances.  She still calmly chuckled and said, "Bring it on."
The freezing flower girls did their best to chuckle and say 'Bring it on'.  Not quite up to Camille standards, however.

Camille was also, uncharacteristic of an engaged woman, considerate enough to plan her wedding at the inauguration of our Spring Break.  We were able to stay for another week at the base of The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City where  ee enjoyed a few days of sparse snow skiing and a few days of deep powder skiing.  We could only get the kids to disentangle themselves from cousins for one of these days.  

My brother in law helps run a snowmobiling touring company at the edge of the Uintah Mountains and graciously spent one of his day's off......back at work.  Thank you, Jeff.

Just seeing Corey in this one-piece jumpsuit made my entire day.   

The higher we climbed, the colder it got and we were soon hit by bitterly cold winds and blowing snow. Jeff had taken Corey on a Man-date at higher elevations and my sister and I sought refuge in a circle of trees while we waited for the men to return. (This is starting to sound like a bad made for TV Lifetime channel movie). 

The kids were not happy.  Just as we concluded that the men were probably dead and that we would head down the mountain on our own, they returned.  

The kids were happy once they could enjoy Cheetos Roasting On an Open Fire

And then the kids have NO problem swimming at night in the midst of blizzard.  Go figure.  

We were able to have several sleepovers at the hotel and the favorite activity was riding the gondola up and down the hill.......

and lounging in huddled masses.  

And we were also able to squeeze a few concerts into our week....Fishbone and Patty Griffin

But now we are home and Spring Break is Over and I am wondering why Spring is Still Broken.  It is Freezing.   I do NOT chuckle at the wind and the hail and say, "Bring it on".  

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Kaerlig said...

Sounds like an adventurous spring break. April fools weather is always surprising. Sorry we didn't get together---maybe another time?