Monday, June 13, 2011

jubilation 146....buying some time

If you remember from a recent post, I had a bit of trouble grasping on to the concept of Ansel actually havimg front teeth.    While we were at the U2 concert, he lost....and I mean lost, as in it fell out of his mouth and he couldn't find it, which is exactly the same predicament all of  his naturally dislodged teeth   have found themselves in.  This time he had a babysitter who explained the situation to the tooth fairy.  Unfortunately, the tooth fairy had an extremely late night and wasn't too tired to leave money, but was too tired to answer his question.   According to my cousin's daughter, her tooth fairy is named Tautiania and it may have been Tautiania that left the money, but it is very unlike Tautiania not to leave a note or fairy dust.  So for now, this tooth fairy remains anonymous.  I don't care.  I am just thrilled that Ansel has another empty space in his mouth, buying him a little growing up time.

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