Sunday, October 23, 2011

September Spokefest 2011

 The throngs
 Before we join the throngs.

 Emmy was recovering from a vaccination gone wrong and so Savanna's friend, Emma, took her place.

Even though he really wanted to,  Ansel wasn't quite ready to do the mileage on his own.  He got to be a passenger on the "Big Dummy." the bike Corey built.   Quite a few people came up to Corey to ogle and praise the contraption.
 Can you believe I actually caught Savanna smiling before 9 am......on a bike?   Miracles do happen.
 Waiting to start....Savanna may be a little upset that we arrived way too early....extra minutes that could have been spent in bed on a weekend morning.
 Still waiting
 Corey and my shadow
 After the ride.   It got quite hot, but the kids all did great.  Shall we do the 42 miler next year?

 It helped having Ansel buddy Spencer ride along with us most of the way.
 Ansel wanted a chance to ride on his own....away from the throngs of wheels and spokes.

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