Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a december saturday

This has been a strange pre-winter, both meteorologically and astrologically.  The precipitations are refusing to accept their lot in life at this time of year.......refusing to lose all sense of personal space by laying their white bodies down together in blankets of huddled and intermingled snow.  In their belligerent denial, they frantically and individually cling to whatever they can find during the gravitational fall  rather than resigning themselves to sharing the earth with the other precips.  This wintry pose doesn't seductively lure us to touch, caress, or wrestle with it some way.  It is a state in which we lower our faces as close as we can to the freeze mob sculptures, taking care not to assault it with our warm breath, and lurk in awe of the beauty created by their moodiness.
I, too, have not been in the mood to welcome this season with open arms.  I have found myself doing whatever it takes to claim my personal space, clinging to whatever corners I can find, taking on a sharp swordlike appearance in an effort ward off ........well, everyone. I'm sure I will settle into this uninvited season in my life.  Despite my harsh, bristly exterior, I am also fragile enough to be softened with just a wisp of wam breath.  

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