Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy 4,380th day Anniversary

4,380 is an astoundingly more impressive number than 12. In honor of our 12th Anniversary, I am going to list 4,380 things that I love about Corey.
1. His super-power is efficiency
2. He puts up with my super-power of inefficiency
3. I have Never known anyone who works harder and can still relax
4. He always has a passion and a hobby and is never bored
5. A started project always becomes a completed project
6. He calls me before he leaves work to see if I need anything picked up
7. He grocery shops as much as I do
8. He blogs about frogs
9. gives the kids art lessons
10. He still loves Lego's

11. I am thrilled that he has put on a little weight since we've been married. I really had no idea that he was that skinny.
12. I am thrilled that he doesn't care that I have put on a little weight since we've been married.
13. He is aware when his closet stinks
14. Can cook killer pancakes and scrambled eggs
15. He irons his own clothes
16. Loves the outdoors as much as I do
17. He laughs out loud when watching television
18. He doesn't snore
19. He is building his own bike and still playing with Lego's
20. He is quick to acknowledge his failures

21. He makes most of the phone calls that I hate to make

22. He has not worn a tuxedo since our wedding day

23. We like the same television shows

24. He calls me for no reason.

25. He bikes to work

26. He likes farmer's markets

27. Conducts family bike washes

28. Plans out the future so I don't have to

29. He buys hummingbird feeders

30. He embraces his feminine side whilst still projecting masculinity

31. He proposed to me in my favorite field

32. He never wakes up angry

33. He makes me feel safe

34. He wants to make the world a better place and actualizes practical applications in order to do so.

35. He likes to go to the bookstore

36. His weakness is ice cream and cookies and will over-indulge. I find this irresistible.

37. He checks my tire-pressure every time I go for a bike ride.

38. He mopped the garage

39. Home is his favorite place to be

40. He has strong opinions and is usually not too obnoxious when vocalizing said opinions.

41. He is idealistic and realistic at the same time.

42. He has written me poetry

43. He has great organizational skills (this is starting to reek a bit like a letter of recommendation)

44. We first bonded and still bond over salt and vinegar potato chips

45. I knew I would marry him the minute I saw him

46. He is constantly exploring better and new opportunities in his and our life.

47. He gives freedom to the bugs trapped in the house

48. He is very understanding and helpful when I don't feel like making dinner.

49. He designed and made our wedding gift thank you cards.

50. He has been relatively patient with my obnoxiously big family

51. He took me backpacking in Yosemite for our honeymoon
52. He brought watercolors and paper on our honeymoon
53. He did all the cooking on our honeymoon
54. He had an all night job during medical school
55. I like it when he doesn't shave
56. He bought hay bales for our archery range
57. He once dressed up for Halloween (Napoleon Dynamite)
58. He rarely says anythings about my disaster of a closet...and I know it bugs him
59. He makes the kids Valentine's Day Cards
60. He eats ice-cream right out of the box

61. He is a morning of us needs to be

62. He likes wildflowers

63. He likes some really really dumb movies

64. We passionately dislike the same things

65. I am confident that he will buy me a kayak some day.

66. He has really great teeth and I think that this genetic strength has been passed on to the kids.

67. He is hardly ever sick.

68. He is left-handed

69. He lets me read at night and will go to sleep with the light on

70. He understands why I will never let him read at night with the light on...Double standards are sometimes ok.

71. He plans family backpacking trips and bought backpacking gear for the girls.

72. He never lets things stay broken

73. He can reach things that are really high

74. He doesn't mind when I make fun of him

75. He will fold laundry while he watches t.v.

76. He buys tickets for events months in advance

77. He has lovely spurts of nostalgia

78. He is not set in his ways and is constantly evolving

79. He sings along even though he is way off key

80. He notices little things

81. He is very forgiving

82. He thinks inside, outside, and on the box. He is a thinker

83. He hates wearing ties

84. He can make me laugh really hard

85. He talks to inanimate objects

86. He can sneeze louder than anyone else

87. He gets lonely when we are gone

88. He likes his job

89. He is extremely honest.....sometimes brutally a good way.

90. I know that his family is the most important thing in his life

91. He is more handsome now that he was when we got married

92. He almost never tickles me

93. He takes the kids on all-day outings

94. He picks up the pieces beautifully every time I fall apart

95. He thinks some of my wierdness is kind of cute

96. Just because

97. Just because

98. Just because

99. He is truly sorry that he forgot our anniversary this year

100. He won't be disappointed in me for falling short in my original goal of 4,380 and only listing 100 things that I love about him.


lazyeye said...

wow. you forgot "walks on water." I'll have to forget our anniversary more often. you know I owe you big time.

Joal said...

My favorite is "Conducts family bike washes."

Some lists people make could describe anyone (sort of like a horoscope or a fortune cookie), but you've chosen a nice unique mix here. This could describe only Corey. If he got this list in a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant, he would say "What an uncanny match."

Happy belated anniversary, you two.

Dean said...

Nicely said. CJ3 and I agreed that only you, of all the women in the world, have the wit to match, and even outdo, Corey.