Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Two week Stay-cation

We were actually home for two consecutive weeks this summer. When my sister asked how her summer had been so far, Savanna replied, "It's been fun, but we have gone on too many vacations." Too many vacations? Too many vacations? I am still continually shocked that my children are not carbon copies of myself and actually have opinions of their own. Admittedly, I regrettably have more than once lectured them for not wanting exactly what I want or would have loved to have as a kid. The temptation to tie them in a roller coaster until they exclaim that they are having a great time has more than once crossed the devilish side of my mind. The words 'Too Many' and 'Vacations' don't belong in the same sentence....according to me. I have the jimmy legs and fight feeling antsy when I am home. I can't wait until our next traveling adventure . But I don't think that my motives are as pure as "wanting to see the world." After little introspection, I recognize that I am somewhat guilty of wanting to escape my home responsibilities. A little juvenile, I know. But I will explore that theory later in a more serious post......when I am stuck at home. I truly am happy that the kids like to be home. And after these past two weeks, I was reminded that adventures can be found in your own backyard.

While we were in Utah, lonely Corey hunted down a bow and arrow set. He called some farm and feed stores and after missing the target several times, finally hit the bulls eye and found someone who would deliver just 5 big hay bales to our front door. We now have our own Archery Range.
Handling a 20 pound bow seemed to come naturally to Savanna. She really didn't need much coaching at all and was soon teaching her friends the 'ways of the bow'.
Ansel does need a bit of coaching.....and a bit of arm strength.

One of us earned an Archery Merit Badge. It wasn't me. I don't remember that ever being offered in Girl Scouts. I did get a "making pretty things with feathers" patch.

My sister and her family came to see us for a few days. Ansel and Sonora were happy just being together and really didn't want any of us adults bothering them.

A five minute walk brings us to pond inhabited by about 10,000 frogs. All you have to do is put your hand in the water and if you can hold on to the squirmy little things, you will have caught yourself a frog. Say hi to the frog and then release and watch him swim away. Unless you squeeze a little too hard. Watch him sink to the bottom of the pond. Say he is sleeping. But you know better.
EMMY Is a patient frog catcher and waits for them to come to her

An unsuspecting frog
Savanna is a more pro-active frog catcher and scurries around the pond catching as many as she can.

Ansel is the less-gentle frog catcher
The kids also used their home time having funerals for the animals that have perished on our homeland. So far this consists of a pet fish and a bird that flew into our clean clean window.(And some frogs...sshhhh).


The kids have also found some time to just be silly. I know it is important to just have home time. I am sure that there is truth to the George Edward Moore quote, "A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." We definitely have found a lot of what we need right at home these past few weeks. But now we are off to Seattle.

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Kaerlig said...

I've read your blog for a little while now and I like your humorous style of writing and how you touch on the beauty and quirkiness of family life. Good stuff.