Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An hour of free time

I finally invested the time to figure out the whole YouTube thing. Sometimes, the thought of doing something computer related is really far more treacherous than actually doing it. So I am sharing some of our latest accomplishments by video.
1. Ansel learned how to whistle on his own and is VERY proud of his folky achievements. He reminds the girls almost daily that he knows how to whistle and they don't. They of course remind him that they know how to read and he doesn't. It is one of the repeated conversations of which mothers sarcastically never grow weary.
2. After much research (thanks, Corey) we found a trampoline that we felt was 99% safe. Of course, participants must remember to completely zip the net. Savanna somehow bounced out the open door the second night and procurred a small gash in her head. I was a little disturbed, but feel confident that they will never forget to close the net again and also feel that we got the injury out of the way quickly and there will never be another one again. (knock on wood).


marne said...

As soon as Ansel started whistling, Bear and Winston, who were both dead asleep, jumped up and ran over to slobber at the computer. I think they were hoping for a treat, because I often call them in from outside by whistling. :o)

Sharon said...

Grandpa and Grandma J love listening and watching Ansel whistle. Ansel, you are the BEST WHISTLER ever!!

Carrith said...

Asher was absolutely thrilled by the Ansel video. I actually recorded him watching it the second time because he was so funny about it. I will have to post a response video.

EJ said...

He is so sweet! Thanks for the smile Ansel. I don't think I could whistle that long.