Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend in "Im not telling"

You might think it rude to not divulge the name of the slice of heaven where we spent our weekend. I guess I am still suffering the aftershocks of witnessing several of my favorite unspoiled and relatively undiscovered areas become discovered and consequently spoiled.  This particular place is still quiet and unpretentious.  I am convinced that anyone who visits here will immediately want to move here and I can't afford to risk Paris Hilton catching even a whiff of it's swank potential.   Sorry. 
Having seven sisters with whom I am, as Corey believes, dysfunctionally close, I have a possibly warped attitude toward friendship.  I am a bit intolerant of surface relationships and definitely do not put maximum effort into nurturing said surface relationships.  I don't need a lot of friends, but I do need good friends.  When I met Kathryn 4 years ago, I knew immediately that she was going to be one of these good friends.  Even when she moved to Alaska after less than one year in Spokane, she had become a permanent fixture in my life.  They promised they would move back and since Alaska is almost as far away as Russia (thanks Sarah Palin), I didn't believe they would escape the magnetic pull of the Arctic North. Three years later and they are back. They invited us to their lake house this past weekend.

This is Harwood at the end of the "boys" ride.  Kathryn and I went on a road bike ride later that afternoon.  Considering that Kathryn became one of the best road bikers in Alaska, it is a good thing that she is almost five months pregnant.  I could actually keep up with her this time. 

This is Corey taking a brutal turn.  Judging from all his scrapes and bruises, he took the majority of the beatings.

The view from the semi-top of our hike.  Some of us wanted to keep going, but the whining of just one (Ansel) made us all eager to finish.

Savanna is a true writer and carries her notebook with her everywhere we go.  She is writing a novel and must document the steady flow of ideas. Her notebook is dirty and covered with the remains of several meals.  
Someone once said that Good Friends are people with whom you can do stupid things.  

Post Post:
I just read Corey's blog and he blabbed the location.  There are two kinds of people in the world.  Those who can keep a secret and those who can't.  I guess Corey is one of the latter.


Joal said...

So, I was a little bummed about not going up there with you guys when I read on the MyFamily site Harwood's post about jumping into the lake, but now that I've read your and Corey's posts, I'm truly bummed.

Oh, well, I'll just keep trying to keep convincing myself that it is best we didn't go because we would have wrecked our car and broken our backs. Going instead to the Camporee was not as bad as the whole family becoming paralyzed.

lazyeye said...

I like that you can see Harwood smiling. I had a smile too but, unfortunately, you can't see it.

Dean said...

Great shots again! Are you a professional photographer yet? Your blog is even funnier than the Pioneer Woman.

Lucy said...

Out of respect for your secret keeping ways, I won't read Corey's blog post to discover your hidden paradise.

You guys seem to have the most perfect vacations ever! Really, it looks idyllic, and I'm glad you all had a great time.