Monday, December 8, 2008

Stopping by Woods on A Not So Snowy Afternoon

There is no snow at our house.  We have been waiting ever so impatiently.  Corey bought his ski pass in July and Savanna can ski for free this year as a 5th grader.  We have our massive snow blower eagerly waiting to be broken in.   My first vision of our new home included backdoor walks through the snowy woods.  Is it too early to be freaking out?  Probably, but I have a hard time putting a reign on my "freak out" sleigh.   Since the snow hasn't come to us, we decided to go to the snow.  It wasn't until we reached the tippy top of Mt. Spokane that we even found a trace of the dope.  

What we really found was a thick layer of ice covered by a thin layer of snow.  It was still really pretty.

Corey looks for the best route

The girls trust his judgement and follow him


Ansel loves the slipping and sliding........until the last half hour.

Emmy can't get enough of it. 

Corey starts a snowball fight.

You don't want to start a snowball fight with Savanna.  

Ansel creates his own snowstorm......

and then eats his own snowstorm

Emmy cuts out the middle man

Time for some posing.

It was a fun afternoon.  Playing in the snow for the first time each season is always a wickedly epic experience filled with a renewed awe for the awesomeness that is snow (Geez, Im yappin like a snowboarder).  It is also a tear-jerking reminder of how fast my children are growing.  I pulled out the bag of gloves and snow pants and froze at the sight of the tiny gloves in which Ansel comfortably nestled his fingers just last year.  They looked like doll gloves.  I took a big heart-wrenching gulp and kept digging for something that would work.  Savanna had to wear my boots with high-water pants.  I guess we are not quite ready for snow.  


Kaerlig said...

I love your on-going narration with the pictures.

We had some snow today in the valley in Provo but not much. I wish I appreciated snow as much as you guys seem to. It would make winter much more bearable.

Joal said...

We haven't seen a single flake yet. If it had been a colder November and early December, the Palouse area would have been buried in snow (we got 4.5 inches of rain in November down here). It looks as if the coming weeks might bring some snow. I want to get out and cross-country ski a bit.

Cute photos, by the way.

Carrith said...

We got about (i'm totally guessing) 8" of snow at my house yesterday. (not to brag) Too bad that storm didn't come a little earlier for your sake.

Dean said...

Dear Veep,

Your photos of the girls with the turquoise logs are brilliant. Looking forward to seeing the JuddBloodFive.