Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just 364 more days

Ansel is going through the"how many days until" rite of passage that I believe all kids must pass before they can begin to understand our limited grasp on the concept of time.  For those unfamiliar readers, this phase of development requires the child to ask these questions at least once a day:  
How many days until my birthday?
How many days until Christmas? 
How many days until Sunday?
How many days until summer?
How many days until lunchtime?
How many days until my birthday?
Other than the fact that it keeps me brushed up on my simple arithmetic skills, it gets  just the teensiest bit ANNOYING.  It was nice when, on March 6th, I could answer. "Ansel, there are no more days until your birthday.  None.  Today is the day!"   But it only lasted one day and now we are at 364 and counting down.  

Ansel chose the Dale Earnhardt race car cake.  Due to his desire for elaborate vehicular creations, Ansel's cakes have been so much easier to buy, but so much harder to clean up.  I made the same mistake last year and I vow NEVER to buy a cake with this malicious, possibly radioactive, blue frosting.  You shouldn't have to tell your child to eat his cake carefully because, while I appreciate the color blue, I don't like scrubbing it off of  everything in its nuclear radius. 

Ansel still avoided being completely healthy on his birthday.  (He was fine on his 1st birthday, but has managed to be sick every other year).  I was prematurely euphoric when he got sick last week,  naively assuming he would be over it by his Big Day.  Two nights in a row prior to his bday, he tossed and turned with earache pain and a swelling cough.  He kept telling us that his ear was copying everything that we said.  Oh, the torture!  Fortunately, he didn't have the burning fever that he had on his 3rd and 4th bday and his countenance remained chipper and celebratory in spite of having auditory difficulty.

In order to ensure Ansel could be registered for Kindergarten at our desired elementary school (which is NOT in our designated district....I will save this rant for a non-birthday post) I had to be first in line on registration day.  He had to miss school for necessary immunizations and therefore my day of shopping for presents WITHOUT him turned into a day of shopping for presents WITH him.  He helped make a few choices (LEGOS LEGOS LEGOS) and even acted a little surprised when he opened them.

I did buy this nerf football without him, but he somehow dug it out of my closet a few days before.  No surprise here either.

The biggest hits were this $1.50 splat balls from Walgreen's..a last minute purchase of desperation.  They were such a hit that Emmy decided to spend some of her hard earned allowance on a few for herself.  I must admit that there is something satisfying about throwing something on the floor, watching it splat and smoosh, and then just picking it back up in one piece.  

Ansel choose the local "Tomato Street"  restaurant to enjoy his birthday dinner.  They have chalkboards, playdough, paper-covered tables with crayons, and greasy garlic bread.  I have come to loath this place of business because the crowds infringe on my personal space.  Chuck E Cheese is far more loathsome.  Thank you, Ansel.

Ansel was happy after celebrating with his friends at school, even though he had repeatedly made it clear that he didn't want to do his birthday at school.  His teacher is very animated and enthusiastic and I was afraid it would have broken her heart if she had known Ansel wanted to boycott his own festivities.  

Ansel has also taken to wearing a cape around the house.  This childhood rite of passage is one of my personal favorites.  
Happy 5th Birthday, Super Boy


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kate said...

Happy birthday mr.ansel man! hope to meet you someday, tell your mom to set it up next time she comes to town.

Joal said...

I'm glad Ansel was able to have a fun birthday even though he didn't feel good, and that you both survived the invasive blue frosting.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Ansel!! He is such a cutie. I am so with you on registering kids for schools that you don't live in the district for...I had a HELLISH morning trying to do the same thing!! :)