Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This and That

Not much of monumental importance has occurred during my two week blog recess. Just a little of this and a little of that. I would love to write that I have been too busy enjoying the balmy warm weather to blog. It would be nice exclaim my happiness that Spring has finally shown her face considering this has seemingly been the longest winter of my life. Unfortunately, despite all Vernal Equinoxal proof that it is indeed a new season, we have seen very little phenological evidence of her presence.

Corey and the kids have remained unaffected by this long winter, leaving me feeling like the Queen of Wimpville. The chattering of my teeth and shaking of my bones miraculously didn't completely render me unable to snap these photos. Notice Emmy has no gloves and no coat and is SMILING. And Ansel is wearing his bright green crocs (you know, the shoes you wear when there isn't snow on the ground and below freezing temperatures). Corey has been riding his bike to and from work while I have yet to leave the comfort of my indoor trainer.

Savanna had her first viola concert at school on St. Patrick's Day. She had been practicing at home and had the songs down fairy well. Now imagine a group of 5th graders recently introduced to the art of strings all trying to play simultaneously. Yeah, it was unforgettable.

Ansel has been practicing his ABC's.....A LOT. He has learned every single letter and has been ecstatic at the prospect of being that much closer to reading. He is, however, extremely disappointed in my ineptitude in the deciphering of his string of consonants and numbers. For example, how could I not know that CMBPLDCS136 is obviously interpreted as "Please give me some Apples and Peanut Butter?" Silly me. I have so much to learn.

On a recent hike, Ansel paused a moment to make the letter F out of sticks. He was so proud of me when I guessed it correctly.

Further down the trail, he stumbled upon these mossy animal bones. He asked if he could take them home to show Daddy because Daddy loves bones. I told him it was fine as long as he washed his hands really well when we got home. Not in my wildest imagination did I think that he was going to pretend that the fibula or tibia or whatever it is(go ahead and cringe, Corey) was a flute and put the end in his mouth. So while we were rushing home to wash his mouth out with soap, he picked up an opened packet of hot sauce from an Asian restaurant and put that....yep....in his mouth. We are in the middle of the woods and he finds a packet of hot sauce? Of course, he started foaming at the mouth and frantically jumped up and down in obvious taste bud pain. When I asked him why in the world he put a foreign substance in his mouth, he replied, "I didn't put it in my mouth. It fell in." I will have to remember that one the next time that a whole bag of Cadbury chocolate eggs "falls" into my mouth.
Today I decided that the first sentence that Ansel will learn to read will be, "It is not a good idea to put things that I find on the ground into my oral cavity"

Emmy has been taking some adventurous steps on her own lately. I believe she is beginning to recognize that she has some kinetic needs that Savanna doesn't seem to share. She is discovering and embracing the priceless possibility of having fun with solitude. She runs up and down the driveway....just for fun. On numerous occasions, I have seen her writing in the fort, jumping on the trampoline, or grabbing her camera and wandering outside looking for something photo-worthy. It has been refreshing to see her making decisions independently.

I had a plan for celebrating the coming of Spring. I was not going to let her arrival go unnoticed.
A festive pinata would be followed by a leisurely hike in the woods. Roasting hot dogs in our new backyard fire pit would be the perfect ending to the beginning of a new season.

The pinata part worked out fine even though Spring never made an appearance. I doubt if there has been two straight hours without rain, hail, snow, or slush in the past 4 days. Of course we still tried to start a fire. Of course it is extremely difficult to start a fire with rain soaked sticks and soggy logs. We gave up and roasted hot dogs on our gas powered stove.


Anonymous said...

I thought spring came two weeks ago to JiNan, but after 2 days of 60 degree weather we plunged back into the low 30s (daytime temps). The government here decided on March 22, spring or winter the hot water that courses through our radiators was no longer available. Fortunately, we bought an electric heater last October which has been going full blast to keep the chill away in at least one small room of our apartment! Happy Spring!!!

Kaerlig said...

just thinking you could have a bonfire with that huge pile of wood emerson climbed on...might contribute a little to global warming...and help spring along

Anonymous said...

holy crap, S is playing the Viola? maren and me both played, it's my favorite orchestra instrument.... and wtf is it with you and your big words, how're us simpleton mountain folk supposed to understand words like "Vernal Equinoxal" and "phenological"?