Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scoperto in Viaggio

Corey has been doing a lot of historical research lately resulting in a few family Indian Summer Field Trips. His obsession may have started by some rather macabre events of 1858 that led to the naming of our street. When I tell people our address, I am usually asked to repeat myself. "Really, that is the street that you live on?" Yeah, it's basically like living on Murder Lane.

We have discovered root beer to be a successful bribe when mentioning the words "history" or "hike" to the kids.
One gorgeous Saturday we traveled to The Cataldo Mission which is the oldest standing building in Idaho. Jesuits established it in the early 1840’s, at the invitation of the Coeur d’ Alene Indians.
Corey did some prospecting for back country skiing while we were in Northern Idaho. The flat tire we invited by the miles of off-roading was welcome company after finding a gorgeous hike to Crystal Lake. Corey has actually since been saying need and truck in the same sentence.

One Wednesday morning we found the death site of Spokane Garry, who was a native American Chief in the early 19th century who spent much of his time trying to establish peace between the White Man and the Native American. He said, "Inside us humans there is the same colored blood, so we should treat each other equally under this God of ours."
Just 10 minutes from our house, we also discovered this waterfall tucked away in the same Indian Canyon...I am appalled at myself for not knowing this existed.

Last Saturday we trekked up to the Washington/Canadian border. I was able to do some kayaking on a lake that definitely made the list of my top 20 favorite lakes in the world.
Again, more root beer kept the kids fairly happy. Corey took the kids hiking while I kayaked and overheard Savanna say, "If I just expect the absolute worst on our hikes, it usually isn't as bad as I thought." See, I think she is beginning to actually enjoy herself.
The historical part of our trip included the abandoned Mill Creek Flume Site where hundreds of men worked hundreds of hours a week in the early 1900's and this is all they have to show for it.

This Saturday Corey and I will jaunt over to Italy for a week. I hear the history there may go back just a tad bid further than it does here.


Kaerlig said...

Just a tad...

Hope your travels are wonderful.

amy said...

Have a safe time on your trip. I love love love your blog. Miss you.

Curtis said...

Yeah! Who's eating gelato on the piazza now?