Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Big Unfreeze

The latest Pew Poll on global warming shows that in the United States, more people believe that houses can be haunted by the dead than believe that the living can cause climate change. I happen to be one of those few American that believe in both. I believe in Haunted Houses because it makes life more fun. Ansel believes in Haunted Houses because we took him to one and he may be traumatized for life or at least until he figures out how ridiculous it all was.

Just as ridiculous is the recent trend of individuals to refute or uphold his or her position on Global Warming based on the results of the day's weather. I refrain from waxing political on my blog and my belief in global warming for the moment obnoxiously stems from the welcome warmth we experienced in Spokane this Halloween. It was the first year that the our fingers, toes, and noses weren't bitten by the vampire frost. Ansel was hot. I wouldn't go that far, but I wasn't the one racing from house to house begging for candy( I am the one begging it from my kids in the comfort of my own home).
I will always remember this year as the year that it didn't freeze.

Ansel will remember it as the year that he really really really wanted to be this.....

but his mother was too untalented and he was far too picky for this Pokemon to come to life. I found a beautifully crafted Charizard (above monster) on ebay for an outlandish amount of money, but I was willing to spring for it just to satisfy his costume cravings. When he pointed out that the teeth were not quite right, I knew that his Pokemon Perfectionism would never validate my efforts. I had to think of a Plan B.

I am not a talented seamstress, but I am good at tricking kids into wanting what I want them to want. It was the flag that convinced him. As long as he could run around waving and ultimately terrorizing with that flag, he was happy to be an astronaut and even insisted he try it out before the glue on his boots had dried (I told him that real astronauts always wait until the glue on their boots dries, but he didn't care)

Emmy wanted to be a witch, but a very particular sort of witch. I had to piece together several costumes in order to keep her from melting herself with her own tears. I will also remember this year as the year of Costume Discontent.

Savanna is a domino from inner city Detroit. She never could decide on a costume, so I decided for her by picking something easy and very warm.

The hat, stance, saggy pants, and hair put the inner city Detroit into the domino.

Emmy running every WITCH way. I know how roll your eyes pestiferous I am with my puns. I just can't help myself.

More than one child asked Corey what he was dressed up as. His facial hair has officially become scary.

One big step for glue guns and spray paint

This photo was taken just moments before his flag was confiscated. I do not approve of flags being used as weapons....literally or metaphorically. I will end now before politics start CREEP-ing their FREAKY way into my blog.

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