Thursday, November 26, 2009


Corey was scheduled to work today from 5pm to 11pm, leaving us a little confused as to how we should celebrate this day. I didn't want it to be a hectic day of cooking, eating, and cleaning up, just to have Corey leave me alone. We turned down invitations to dinner because.....I don't just stressed me out. I will not go into detail about how and when Thanksgiving transformed itself from a warm childhood memory of soccer, basketball, and laughing around a table full of full of food and cousins to a nightmarish scene of burned pie crusts, cold food that should be warm, warm food that should be cold, and a sore sore back. I guess it has something to do with growing up and realizing that someone is doing a lot of work for this holiday. And I didn't want it to be me.

I want to express a formal apology to my mother.

I am so so so deeply sorry for all the years, after I was an adult, when I would wake up, go for a refreshing bike ride up to Bridal Veil Falls, full of bursting gratitude for my abundant life, only to show up at home 5 minutes before the Thanksgiving meal was served. I should have been shot.

So, in reality, I suppose that Corey having to work, was a glorious excuse for me not to spend my day cooking. I made reservations at a nearby hotel for a Thanksgiving Day Buffet, spending far less than I would have if I had attempted the meal myself.
We spent the morning reading Fantastic Mr. Fox and hiking along the Little Spokane River.

These Native American Painted Rocks were at the beginning of our hike. A fitting reminder of those who originally did most of the cooking .. and dying for this day.
Emmy got to climb
Who cares about a wishbone?

Ansel is thrilled because Corey spots a bald eagle in a tree and bald eagles, leopards, and cheetahs are his three favorite animals...."I like them all the same, but I probably won't see a cheetah or a leopard out here"

The kids race to get closer

and closer
Corey isn't even thinking about the football game he is missing
I know it is hard to see, but the eagle takes flight when we get too close. This experience was worth 1000 missed touchdowns.

Savanna is happy that it isn't too hot or too cold or too up or too down. A just right hike.
BEFORE..."Ansel. Be careful with that stick"

Our dinner included Winter Squash soup, Cougar Gold Salad with Honey Lavender Vinaigrette, Artisan Baked Breads, Huckleberry Field Greens, Slow Roasted Tom Turkey with Thyme Giblet Gravy, Smoked Pit Ham with Spiced "Coca Cola" Glaze, Andoullie Sausage and Apple Stuffing with Sage Essence, Wild Rice and Dried Cranberry Pilaf, Parmesan Crusted Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoe, Cauliflower and Gorgonzola Au Gratin, Pecan whipped Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Huckleberry Creme Brulee, and more....

No clean-up

Long Nap


I couldn't have asked for a better day. (Unless, of course, Corey didn't have to get up from his nap and go to work. Sorry, honey. You are one FANTASTIC FOX. Thanks for digging all those tunnels to the chicken house. We would starve without you)


melissa said...

What a great post to read at the end of Thanksgiving Day. I sort of knew you would come through for us all. We had the dinner up here and most all of the food was brought by others. This hosting thing is the bomb.

Hey, loved to see a picture of you this time. Your glasses are great. Always wishing you the best.

David said...

I think your Thanksgiving turned out fantastic.

In all the years I've been married, I still haven't ever cooked a turkey. I'm babied by my mother in law who lives .5 miles away. I should write her a letter like the one you wrote your mom.

Kaerlig said...

Argh -I hate when I leave a comment and don't realized I'm signed in as my husband.

Lucy said...

What a bright idea! We saved ourselves some time by buying a smoked turkey from a local BBQ joint, which is totally going to be a new tradition. Yours sounds appealing, though.

Love all your pictures. They are stunning.

amy said...

Great Thanksgiving- getting to do your own thing is one of the benefits of living away.

Happy 2nd Blogoversary! Can't believe we've been doing this for 2 years.

Miss you!

Joal said...

It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving.

By the way, you sort of freaked me out for a second when you blog-jacked me. In the first instant after I went to my blog (I've only looked at it two or three times in the last month), I saw only the black background, which I knew I hadn't chosen, and the the ominous title of the new blog entry. Then I saw the pictures and chuckled, as it all came together. I'm glad you are a benevolent blogjacker.