Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pulling Loose at Palouse Falls

Less than 24 hours before we took this day trip, I was in the midst one of those strains when the pressure of making the most of my day is applied in the exact WRONG way....just enough to leave me with a hankering itch to turn myself inside out.  Life seems too long on these days.  The sound of my own voice is like chewing on a wad of tinfoil.   I want to throw tomatoes at the thoughts inside my head.  I NEED some distance between me and myself, but there is no escape.  And of course, I take this mood out on everyone and everything in my vague vicinity. My demeanor is Da Meaner. I don't know what triggers these days.  I enjoyed a nice bike ride in the morning.  I gave up Diet Coke 3 weeks ago and have passed the point of wanting to inject aspertame and caffeine directly in my veins. Life has been far less than boring and repetitive.  My cousin and her family visited for a few days while Corey climbed a glacier in the Canadian Rockies, and the kids have had an onslaught of  'end of the school year' concerts, poetry slams, pond museums, and field trips.  Spring in Spokane is remarkable, with the frequent passing thundershowers, kermit green grasses, and cloud performances which constantly threaten my ability to think and drive at the same time.    I have no excuse for my noxious behavior other than I haven't been paying close attention to the proper alignment of my seven chakras.   

I wish I could pull myself loose from these moods on the merits of my core emotional strength.  Unfortunately, I usually have to rely on changing my physical, external environment.  A day trip was in order.  We are only about 2 hours from the Palouse Falls, but in our 9 years here, we have regretfully neglected this jewel of southeastern Washington.  

My egocentrism humbly recoiled the moment my eyes fell on the falls.  I am indeed, tiny.  

Ansel's wayward wandering was immediately constricted when he came toe to rattle with this diamondback.  

Corey also coughed up a sizable hairball of  humility when his recent winter beard was put to shame.  

The drive through the rolling Palouse was inspiring in a more gentle way

I was no longer in the midst of a funk
I was now in the mist of a miracle

It would behoove me (yes, I just wrote BEHOOVE for the first time in my life) to remember that I am always in the midst of miracles.  I must apologize to the 4 miracles that live in my house for my Chakra - Con Behavior.


Anonymous said...

Um, WOW! Now I want to go there. Just don't tell my Wife about the snakes....

Bruce A

佩蓉 said...
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Amy said...

gorgeous photos and what a fun outing you guys had. i love all the adventures you have.

Harwood said...

We went their this spring - amazing place in the middle of the Palouse.

Once again, great pictures.


marika said...

So am I dumb to ask what chakras are? Great picts, the green brick wall and your kids makes a really fun shot!

Joal said...

I liked the beard, and I miss rattle snakes. Can you believe we haven't been to Palouse Falls yet? If we go, things will be much less green and the waterfall less impressive. I still think we'll go, though.