Sunday, June 20, 2010

Straight from the Kids Mouths

Things WE LOVE about Dad
  1. He takes us skiing
  2. He uses a funny voice sometimes
  3. He wrestles with us
  4. He plays wii with me
  5. He always has gum and shares it with us
  6. He takes us to movies and lets us have popcorn.  
  7. He plays board games with us.
  8. He takes us on trips
  9. He wants us to be healthy and makes us exercise.
  10. He reads to me every night except the nights he goes to work. 
  11. He’s teaching us to play basketball
  12. He is a good waterfighter
  13. He’s teaching us how to paint with watercolors.
  14. He’s really good at Whoopsie-Daisy
  15. He works really hard
  16. He takes us on bike rides
  17. He can set up tents really fast.
  18. He makes the best scrambled eggs
  19. He makes sure my fingernail and toenails are cut.
  20.   I love it when he makes Pad Thai.
  21.   He wants us to get another pet, but mom isn’t letting him.
  22. He makes coupon books for us on our birthdays.
  23. He helps us put away things
  24. He is making us go on a backpacking trip that we are going to love or at least look back at someday and know that it was a good experience for us. (mom wrote that one.)
  25. He is taking us to Costa Rica in October
  27. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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Joal said...

Nice list. So, Costa Rica, eh? That sounds pleasant.