Friday, May 13, 2011

jubilation 124...not your small town bake sale

One of Spokane's boasting facts is that it hosts the largest 12K race in the nation.  People talk about it all year and I have honestly shrugged it off like it was a small mid-west town boasting about it's annual pie baking contest.  This is the first year that we participated and found out what all the hype is about.  60,000 people  smashed together to run a race creates an inexplicable energy.   And I if I had known that it was also a costume contest, I would have missed nary a one.  I couldn't wrap my sweaty hands around my phone to take any photos, but there were some real eye-catchers, including the naked runner.  

I did manage to capture this superman guy before the race, but he was small potatoes compared to most.

We also didn't know that it is a tradition to donate your jacket by throwing it into the trees before the race begins.

I was happy to oblige 

This is what the city looked like after the race.

This is what we looked like after the race.  

The many bands and musicians singing along the way, the banners of encouragement such as "Duh, Winning!" the spectators in lawn chairs and on rooftops clapping and cheering for us all along the way, the priest on the cathedral steps holding up his arms enthusiastically, the hundreds of  hands offering cups of water that I promptly poured on my all made me feel like Superwoman.  

I wonder what costume I will wear next year.  And Corey, what will you be wearing?

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Sijbrich said...

Wow, that's impressive.
My question is: How does someone get away with running naked, but if he/she was just walking down the street on any other day, he/she'd most likely get arrested for indecent exposure?
I like the jacket tradition.
Can't wait to see what costumes you put together for next year.
Spokane may have the biggest race, but Boise has the most gruelling with the Robie Creek race that's straight up and straight down. It's like a 2000 ft. elevation climb and drop. You guys should do it sometime. I'd cheer you on.