Monday, May 16, 2011

jubilation 132....awful end, dreadful acts, and terrible times

We finished our Ray Bradbury book on CD and moved on the Eddie Dickens trilogy.  Emmy and I read these together a few years ago and I had to stop at least once every paragraph to laugh out loud.  Listening to it a second time was no less disappointing.  They are action packed, witty, and hilarious.   Ansel didn't get a lot of the humor, but he still enjoyed the story.  These are books I could read over and over again.   In fact, Emmy and I were discussing how fun it would be to put on an Eddie Dickens play.   Hmmmm.   I will put that idea in my pocket for an activity on a long summer day.   Tickets will be 5 stuffed stoats a piece (And you must read the books to find out about the stuffed stoats).

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