Thursday, March 8, 2012

The "game" of LIFE

Emmy: "Ansel, where did your kids and your wife go?"

Ansel:  "I gave my kids up for adoption.  They were too expensive.  And I threw my wife out the window."

Savanna: "Then you have to go to jail."

Ansel: "There is no jail in this game"

Ansel: "Emmy give me back the money I gave you.  I felt sorry for you because you were poor, but now I want it back!"

Emmy:  "You can't take back money that you gave me."

Savanna:  "Taxes, Shmaxes.  I don't want any nice roads."

Ansel:  "I don't want to play this anymore!"

Emmy:  "You can't just walk away from the game, Ansel, just because you are losing."

Savanna:  "Look, everyone on the cover is laughing and happy.  Why are you so mad?"

Ansel:  "Whoops, the game just fell on the floor. See ya on the flip side guys."

ME in my head:     "This "game" is a little too real to be fun at all.  What glutton for castigation thought it would be fun to create a game where you are pummeled by the traumatizing anxieties of adulthood?   Milton Bradley, what were you thinking?    I want to play the game of "Childhood" where there is no such thing as taxes or insurance or salaries.....just kick the can and candy in my pockets"

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