Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Eagle has joined the demolition derby

I laughed a little in my mouth when Corey picked me up on our first date in this 1993 Eagle Summit in September of 1995.   It just wasn't what I was expecting.  It was so...........white and so semi-mini-van and so NOT BYU bachelor.   But that is one thing that I love about Corey....he is all about function and not about appearances.  This was an honest car, just as Corey is an honest man.   He could fit his long body and his art portfolio and his long snowshoes and to hell with anyone who was expecting something cooler.  
This car was basically the third wheel during our courtship.   We spent many hours in this car........talking about physics and poetry.  Seriously.   We drove to our wedding ceremony and honeymoon in this car.   I got 5 speeding tickets the first year we were married......all due to my rushing home from work to see my new husband.  I threw up so many times in this car (pregnancy). We took our first daughter home in this car.  We took our second daughter home in this car.  We moved from Provo to St. Louis and from St. Louis to Spokane in this car.   I never thought I would be sentimental about a vehicle (My Dad would be proud), until it was time to move on to a vehicle more appropriate for 3 children....a legitimate mini-van.  There were so many memories woven into every inch of space.  

I wasn't ready . In 2004, the year Ansel was born,  we let my sister and her husband adopt the car and got visitation rights when we got together.  Eight years and another 140,000 miles later, my sister had three kids and was ready to move on.  The Eagle was obviously tired of the typical family life.....she was ready for adventure.  

This is our Eagle.....she joined the demolition derby and is driving on the edge of life and death every day.  Last I heard, she was kicking bumper....I am so proud of her.  You just never know what life will offer you.

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