Tuesday, February 16, 2010

21st Century Kindergarten Conversation

This is the conversation I overheard today while driving Ansel and his friend to school..

Friend:  "Do you eat a lot of carbs for dinner?"

Ansel:  "No!  I never eat cards.  That would be disgusting!"

Friend: "I like carbs, but my mom says that they make you fat and slow.  So we eat a lot of salad.  I hate salad, but I like asparagus"

Ansel:  "You like cards?  I never tasted one, but my sister got some huge ones for Christmas.  We just play war with them."

Friend:  "No, not carDDDs.  CARBBBBS."

Ansel:  "I don't know what you are talking about."

Friend: (rolling his eyes)  "I can't believe you don't know what carbs are."


Althea said...

That is hilarious, I really needed a good laugh.

Lucy said...

Funny. His mom must be skinny:)

They really do have a different vocabulary now. Seth was writing his spelling sentences the other day and had several references to things "online" etc. And he isn't even one of those kids who is online.

Anonymous said...

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Elisa said...

That's so funny because my kindergartener has been reading the "total fat" in the ingredients label on everything lately and I honestly don't know why she's doing it, I really don't ever check things. Who knows? I guess it's good for kids to be aware of what they're eating but then you run the risk of them taking it too far. Another 21st century problem for parents!