Monday, February 15, 2010

graceless under pressure

Indications that you just may have spread yourself too thin

  •  say yes to absolutely everything anyone asks you to do even if it is physically impossible
  •  commit to being in two places at once
  •  do this more than one time during the week
  •  find yourself having to call a few lists of  people to help you catch the items falling off your plate
  • freeze when an individual answers the phone because you have no idea who it was you were calling at the moment. 
  •  tell your  kids that you are going to be a terrible mother for just one more day and that tomorrow you will make up for it by being the best mother in the world
  • tell your kids this 3 days in a row
  • pretend you don't notice how much wii your kids are playing
  • choose quick naps over exercising on sunny warm days in February
  • realize at the end of the day that you have eaten nothing but handfuls of candy as you were running in and out the door
  • lose your car keys and look for them for far too long before realizing that they are in your pocket
  • skip watching your favorite shows
  • can't see the floor of the home office because of your piles of projects
  • resign your weekly blog post to an easy short list 
  • forget to bring your camera to your daughter's birthday party.  

  • nod off during a basketball game with this caliber of cheering

  • leave early from a date with your husband in which he is part of the half-time program (no he didn't get an opportunity to throw a half-court shot winning us free hot dogs for life...he just accepted an award for his company who is a sponsor for the team). 
  • have to take a quick cell phone shot 
  • accidentally erase the photos you took of your son enjoying an enlightening tour of the local newspaper building
  • hide the phone so that you won't be tempted to say yes to some other project that may cause you to drop the plate altogether.  
Signing off before my kids start addressing the Wii as their mother. 


Kaerlig said...

Sounds like you really need to come to Utah for a mid winter break. Look me up. I'm feeling frazzled too.

Anonymous said...

When you come to visit you can say NO all you want to and not feel guilty!

lazyeye said...

my 15 seconds of Gonzaga fame has been memblogarized. sweet.