Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, Sand and Stone

Corey's parents moved from Thousand Oaks, CA to Boise, ID about six years ago.  I have many fond memories of visiting their home in sunny California .... picking grapefruit and avocados from their fragrant backyard,  jaunting down to Disneyland, day trips to the beach, and lounging on their outdoor swing in the middle of the winter.  I particularly remember a trip about 6 weeks after Savanna was born.  Savanna had colic to the nth degree and we were living in St. Louis, where the winters are savagely cold and the dagger snow blows sideways just to avoid landing in the pit of gloom (I joke about how much I hated St. Louis, but a few fond recollections and lifelong friendships do exist from our four years in the midwest).  

I spent countless hours pacing the hall of our little apartment, trying to succeed in soothing my crying baby, only to give in and join her in audible lamentations.  My personal hue of the Baby Blues was approaching the shade of blue that is almost indiscernible from black (please don't tell me I am the only one who has accidentally worn blue tights with a black dress and didn't notice the atrocity until fully exposed to the public).  Anyway, enough of the tangents.  I needed a change of scenery and the trip to California was a  restorative disimmurement.  The sunny weather and friendly faces didn't cure the colic...Savanna cried on the west coast as much she did at home.... but I could take her for walks and inhale the fumes from the spring poppies and sweet peas, gorging my senses after their postpartum winter fast.  And just knowing that other people acknowledged the inconsolable wails of my new baby helped me feel so much less alone.  

So, although we were thrilled to have Corey's parents and sister (now including a brother- in- law and niece) closer to us..... a seven hour, 3.5 movie drive, I had to mourn the loss of our California visits.  And thus, I didn't give poor Boise much of a chance to impress me.  I thought it was flat and dry and BORING.  And it didn't help that Mom and Dad-in-Law kept going to China to teach for months and months.  And now, they may be off the Africa or Timbuktu or something.  Little by little, I have let myself be vulnerable to Boise's enticements and have eagerly enjoyed finding the many treasures that this part of the world has to offer.  Last week, we picked out seven movies for the drive, and stretched our weekend beyond its limits to continue our courtship with the Idaho Spud Candy Bar capital of the world

Of course, I could just sit and stare at my beautiful niece all weekend, watch the thousands of birds that squabble over the birdseed in the backyard, or eat my mother-in-law's lemon meringue pie and seven layer bars as fast as she can make them.  But, it was fun to fit in some time to inhale as much of Boise as we could while we were there.  So I guess this is my way of saying...."Boise, I think I could learn to love you."

Our first day was spent snowshoeing at Bogus Basin.  There was 3 inches of fresh powder and I think the kids ate about 2 of the inches.  

 The next day and about 45 miles south, we found the Bruneau Sand Dunes, where we had a blast rolling, jumping, and falling down the massive piles of sand.  The tallest single-structured sand dune in North America is found here, standing at 470 feet.  Judging from the amount of sand that we took home with us in our shoes and pockets, it is now rises only 468 feet.  (Sharon and Duane, we apologize for the sand that you are undoubtedly still sweeping).
Day #3 took us downtown to the Boise State Capital building which recently underwent massive rehabilitation.  It is an impressive building and all my kids wanted to do was put their faces in the heating vents.  Hmmm.  My sister-in-law took our 2nd ever family photo.  In spite of the freezing temperature and the abnormally awkward group to work with, she did a fantastic job.  You can see her photography here


Anonymous said...

Grandpa got all the sand up with our new Dyson vacuum cleaner! No worries. Love having you here, but the time was too short!!

Sijbrich said...

I think it was a fun weekend for everyone. I'm glad to see you used good judgement in the photo of Mr. P and me that you posted (I'm not the most photogenic person and I think I look expecially ridiculous in hats, so double whammy for me).

marne said...

You can still come to California to visit, any time you want, if you don't mind the cramped quarters :o)