Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jubilation 33...Balzac Billy Day

Today I received my first Groundhog's Day Card

I have always been a little annoyed that we let some arrogant, egocentric, eastern marmot on the other side of the continent prognosticate the length of our seasons.    My jubilation was augmented today when I learned that the Pacific Northwest has it's own groundhog, Billy Balzac, who resides just 8 km north of Calgary.   Today, Balzac saw his shadow.  

 Come on Puxaphony Phil, we all know there is going to be at LEAST 6 more weeks of winter.  You can't soothe us westerners with your "empathetic" lies.   

I tend to think that Canadians are just a bit more trustworthy.  Plus, I LOVE that it is just a man dressed up in a costume....wearing build-a-bear sneakers and sunglasses.  Its about time that we brought some truth to this holiday.


Amy said...

oh my goodness, i am laughing. i love the "build-a-bear" slippers. I think every state should have their own man dressed up in a groundhog suit. Way to go Canada for ignoring good old Phil.

ps - loving your jubilations.

Elisa said...

You are so right. I never could really put my finger on why groundhog day bugged me a bit. Cute note from Ansel, Paige could use some handwriting lessons from him! Hope all is well with you guys!