Thursday, February 10, 2011

jubilation 40

I have been sick all week.  Whenever I get sick, I am convinced that I will be sick forever.  I can't remember what it was like to feel normal.  I am not a fun sick person. 

Today I was listening to a radio program about strange illness and phobias.   Someone called in to confess to their phobia of elbows and people touching their elbows...she remembered seeing a  lotion commercial once that had a freeze frame of an elbow and she started crying and throwing up.  Another person called in to say they had a ringing in their ears for several years now and it was driving them crazy.  

So today, I am jubilated that I am only plagued by measly strep throat and have no issues with elbows.   


Althea said...

In my selfish distance from elbow issues, this really made me laugh.

Althea said...

In my selfishness and distance from any elbow issues, this really made me laugh