Thursday, February 24, 2011

jubilation 50...our Olympic cousins

We were able to spend an entire day with one of our favorite families.  Every time we see them, which is not often enough, the kids just pick up where they left off, somehow remembering exactly what game they were playing 9 months ago when we last pulled them away from each other.   

 This car sums up the overall theme of Olympia

 Savanna has school assignment where she needs to take pictures in front of historical landmarks with a can of SPAM.  Somehow I ended up being the one lugging the can around in my pocket all weekend.  It was a good excuse to visit the State Capital and catch the end of a guided tour.  

We walked around downtown for a while until we finally found an establishment that would serve more than 1.5 children.  Most of the restaurants might as well put signs on their door that say, "We only serve patrons who staunchly support birth control."  These girls were inseparable and didn't notice our troubles.  There are few people in the world that can get Savanna and Emmy to be really silly and even make up songs about not killing your friends.  Alexis is one of those people.

Two years ago, we hid a time capsule at this state park.  We decided to unearth it today.  Some tree hugging busy body must have stolen it because it wasn't "biodegradable".  

No matter.  We just made another one.  

Nothing makes me happier than seeing kids run down a trail.

 The Pedersen family

These two were quite inseparable as well.  

me and Corey

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