Tuesday, February 15, 2011

jubilation 45....Made with Love and Coercion

Me upon receiving Valentine:  "Oh, Ansel.  This is so sweet.  Thank you so much!"

Ansel.  "My teacher MADE me write that."

Right before getting in bed last night, Ansel sighed, "I'm so glad this dumb holiday is over."

 Corey is not such a typical boy and every year makes individualized cards for each of the kids.

 Emmy also made individualized cards for the members of her class, adding her own Emmy humor.
 I have insisted time and again to Corey that I don't want him to do anything for me on Valentine's Day because of the cliche cheesiness of it all.  He never listens to me and says that I secretly want something. On our first Valentine's Day together, Corey memorized a Shakespearean Sonnet and whispered it my ear.  I really don't like Valentine's Day, but I love what Corey has done with it.

I guess the flowers softened my heart a little and, miracle of miracles, I got a little crafty.   This 2011 Vanessa is really going out on a few limbs.

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Joal said...

Emmy's moose/tuna card cracked me up. I'm super sucky when it comes to Valentine's Day. Lucky for me, Elizabeth is just as bad. Two V-Day slackers.