Thursday, February 16, 2012

a little trip to Utah

Because sometimes you need to go where everybody knows your LAME....

meaning a place where your weaknesses and vulnerabilities are known and embraced.  
where empathy is expressed without even one uttered syllable.
where you don't feel impossibly crazy for being crazy
where you can talk or not talk
where no one needs you to feed them
where you can mute all of your "adult" burdens and put adolescence on speakerphone

I was fortunate enough to have 5 days in Utah on my own.  Thank you to all of you that made this journey memorable.

It was like having hours of therapy and fun at the same time.

Things that I am now able to cross off my bucket list:

1.  conduct a freeze mob in honor of Martin Luther King
2.  see a psychic
3.  get chased by the Police at Trolley Square Mall over a small misunderstanding involving bouncy balls being dropped from the 2nd floor.  I will never fool around at the Trolley Square Mall.  It is NOT a Jolly Mall.
4.  Go Wolf Hunting on BYU campus and get police beat record.
5.  Sing "American Pie" with a group of strangers.

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