Thursday, February 2, 2012

new years eve 2011

Corey bought tickets to Beethoven's 9th Symphony months ago.   It inspired him in the past and I think he was hoping that it would ignite the tiny spark of interest that Savanna has in orchestra.   Savanna was invited to a New Year's Eve party this week.  There was very little discussion as to whether or not we should let our 14 yr. old go to a party with her peers or force her to attend the symphony with her parents.   We have enough resentment seeping from under her door at night.
And I wasn't really in the mood.....again.  I really have been the Grinch who steals all the fun from the Holiday Season.   Luckily, I have an amazingly annoying husband, meant in the best possible way.  He knows just how to push me out of my cocoon, initially causing unfathomable infuriation, but always leaving me ultimately grateful for the push.
How can you be in a bad mood when you have front row seats to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony?  We were sitting so close that I was drinking the sweat of the brow of the conductor.   Maybe a little too close.
It was fantastic but I was ready to go home.  So was Emmy.  Not Corey.  Utilizing his infinite and finely tuned coercion abilities, he convinced us to stay for the remainder of the First Night Spokane Activities.  Or maybe it was because he had the keys to the car.   Either way, by the end of the night, I was grateful that we had stayed.

We got to see the dinosaur creation that Emmy helped create in one of her classes.

Ansel had the opportunity to slide down an ice slide.

We saw a few comedians, musicians, and jump ropers.

Ansel dug deep into his reservoir of high hoped resolutions............

and wrote, "I resolve to a great day"  
Way to dream, Ansel.  

He put his resolution into mouth of the resolution dinosaur.

Emmy wiped her teary eyes to watch the midnight fireworks.  She really does cry when she is forced to stay up late.

Happy New Year.

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