Saturday, February 25, 2012

savanna is 14.....a self conducted birthday party

Are you wondering why I don't have any pictures from Savanna's birthday party with her friends??  Because. I. didn't.
And I didn't want to.  
Is that horrible?  
I am close to certain that I didn't want to because I knew that I was not wanted.  
She's 14 
And six teenaged girls in a house with too much sugar is LOUD in a high-pitched, health risk sort of way.

We provided the pizza and cake and then checked in on them every once in a while to make sure they weren't burning anything (I only say that because it was something that I may or may not have done when I was her age).   
I think it went well because one of her friends asked if we could do it again next month.   
I said, "Fine, as soon as I get some more earplugs."

 We were able to celebrate her birthday, family style, a few days later.   There was fire, but our ear-drums were in no danger.

I was even provided with a  detailed, double-sided, two paged wish list, complete with photographs, websites, and brands.   She basically did all the work.  If only she didn't kind of hate me, I could almost like this teenager phase.  

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