Saturday, February 25, 2012

sucking the marrow out of winter

It hasn't been a full-bodied, fleshy winter.  I would say it has been almost skeletal.  We have only needed to pull our snow-blower out once? (Corey will correct me if I am wrong).   Although the snow hasn't been knocking on our door, there is life lingering in the marrow of it's bones.   We have just had to work a little harder to get to it.  And when we have found it, we glean every bit of nourishment that we can harvest before we return to our sleeping, malnourished yard.  Yes, we will remember this year as the year that we were winter scavengers.

 A School-free Monday in which we had "all you can eat" snow in Kellogg, Idaho.   And we were almost the only customers.

Emmy is so snow-stuffed that she can barely sit up. 

 Savanna, trying desperately to hide the possibility that she may actually be having a good time.

 A workless Friday when Corey and I can feast gluttonously on the back side of Mt. Spokane.

 The backside of ME

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