Sunday, January 30, 2011

jubilation 28....river running

I love rivers.  
I think I would love to live by a river. 
But today on my jog, I began to wonder..........

Do people that live by rivers desire weird lawn art before they move to the river?
Do they start craving weird lawn ornaments after they move to the river?

If it is the latter, I may have to reconsider living by a river.
And if I throw all hesitations into the current,  move by a river,  and subsequently pick up tole painting or collecting plastic butterflies........ 
please push me in that river.  

1 comment:

Sijbrich said...

The more I learn about Spokane the more intrigued I am by it's uniqueness. I haven't seen any interesting lawn decorations along the river here in Boise, making me think Spokane is special in that way.