Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year Day 8 Adventure....Ski School

 Corey's only Christmas wish was to have his kids complete 10 weeks of ski school this year.
 Today was Day 1.....even semi-smiles...a double plus
It is free at the Idaho-Montana State Border....triple plus
 I got to spy on the classes and watch Corey's moves......quadruple plus
 Sunny skies in the morning and snow all afternoon.  Quintuple Plus
 I was the odd person out on the was okay.....i met some interesting people and got to watch Ansel and Corey bond.  Sextuple plus.


Lucy said...

It looks like such a great day of skiing! We've been trying to get our three to ski as well. We've never put them in ski lessons, but we may with Henry because he seems to be harder to teach. it's my favorite winter family activity! How smart of Corey to request that as a gift. I may pull that out of my hat next year. We are always competing with rec center basketball (boo).

Sijbrich said...

People watching on ski lifts. Interesting concept.