Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year Adventure Day 16.......

We spent the three day weekend in Kellogg, Idaho in  the Silver Mountain Ski Resort condos.
  Considering the warm weather and pouring rain, only one of our days was actually skiable.  It was far from devastating in that it gave us the opportunity to explore this mining town established in the late 1800's.   I kept waiting for someone to say "Cut!" or change the lighting on the set.  It seemed difficult to believe that towns like this actually do still exist.  

I walked through the cemetery just as the fog and darkness crept in.  Again, I couldn't believe someone didn't yell, "Mountainside Masacre, Take 15!"  It got really creepy when I had my ipod on shuffle and 3 songs in a row talked about ghosts and graveyards.   No kidding.

In all seriousness, I think cemeteries are beautiful libraries, books of stories of the lives of those buried.  I itch to know about each one of them.  

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lazyeye72 said...

the weather is mocking me.