Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year Adventure Day 17.........

Another advantage???? (for the kids) to not being able to ski was being able to spend time in the indoor waterpark at our hotel.  This is truly almost like a living H*** for me.  The chlorine rips apart my throat and I don't think there is enough oxygen for more than one human being.....but I love watching the kids have fun and will sacrifice my brain cells in order to do so.   Ansel was in wipeout heaven and jumped on these plastic logs at least 50 times, asking me to evaluate his time with every attempt.   And today he is wondering why his arms are so sore?  
I am so proud of my daughters for their ability to manipulate a small ball with their brain waves.

We even made it home in time for a football scrimmage, a beautiful moonrise, and some mascarpone cheesecake.  

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