Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jublilations 20....Skiing with Willie Nelson

 Highlights of our Saturday Ski School:

 1.  Fresh Powder

2.    Finally advancing from our family green run belt to our family blue run belt,  giving us a chance to see the other side of the mountain.

3.  Free Telemark lessons from my own private instructor

 4.   Ansel and an inept employee completely shutting down the ski-lift for about 20 minutes causing a massive line-up.

5.  Corey and I waving and yelling at the girls during their lessons......without any response.   We continue to yell, wave, and embarrass until they at least give us an abbreviated wave in return.

6.   Eating lunch at 11:45 and 12:45 simultaneously.  

7.  Until someone proves otherwise, I maintain that this was Willie Nelson snowboarding.  a)  he had fancy gear and was with two bodyguard looking guys....b)  we are close to the Canadian Border where he may be making one of his routine bud pick-ups c) I know that he was snowboarding in Vail, Co. on Wednesday and humble Lookout Pass would be a natural next stop.  

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