Wednesday, March 2, 2011

jubilation 52.....27 yr. reunion

Facebook has one more successful reunification story, this one involving me and a close childhood friend from my years living in southern New York.  Living only about 8 houses and one left turn apart, in addition to landing in the same classroom every year, we shared many kick the can games, summer firefly hunts, haunted house dares, and a few certifiably insane teachers.  

 Bandita lives in Boston, but makes frequent business travels to Seattle.  After a few failed attempts to coincide our travels, we finally succeeded and were able to spend several hours catching up.  It has been so long since that adventurous time in New York, I sometimes wonder if it actually happened.  Reminiscing with Bandita was a refreshing validation that an eleven year old Vanessa did really exist.  In fact, Bandita has a laudable memory and told me about experiences and conversations that my brain had long ago discarded.  I wish we had days to talk, but am hopeful that we will see each other again.  

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